Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday in the office

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Office Friday afternoon somewhere in East Europe. Can there be a better time to contemplate the results of the past week and prepare herself for the bonus?

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The understanding boss will warm girl's bottom up with a soft leather paddle.

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The cane is applied only over warm and rosy behind. It stings a lot and I can't sometimes to do nothing with my yealps and squels. But it's fair to get what I've deserved.

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That's all. Just few minutes in the corner of the boss's office (hopefully no one will pay a visit to my boss this late Friday afternoon) and I am free.

Who else can boast of working at such strict but wonderful boss?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday afternoon

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An disciplinary spanking on Friday night or Saturday morning is an obligatory while the rest of the weekend is for sensual soft treatment. It's a tradition. I've been spanked this way by mom years ago.

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The time after the five o'clock tea is for me a moment of romantic sensual meeting with the best friend (or friends).

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I expect to get the sensual soft (or moderate or even hard) but sensual spanking as a proving of love and friendship.

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I express my love and devotion the way I can do the best.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Coming home

It happens again and again. I am spanked the same day I come to parents' home. "How can you live alone in a such big city and how can't you find someone to spank you?" - mommy is wondering every time before ordering me to bend over the table. I'm sure to get hairbrush slaps this time too just after hugs and kisses. Worse luck! "Go into the corner," - mom says, - "and kneel down!" Something new, really. I don't understand what's going on but I do what I'm said. I feel her fingers on my waist unzipping my skirt and pulling it together with my panties down.

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"I know you need some spanking frequently," - she says, - "but today is maybe the last time I spank you. Tomorrow is January 8th, your 20th birthday, so you will decide yourself about your spanking. Well, suffice to talk, come here."

She spanks me with a daddy's belt this time and I start to cry loudly shortly. She sends me to the corner again but with the sore bottom this time.

I have to make a resolve regarding my future.

I'm sure I've made a right decision. It has been so long ago. There is no mom and dad anymore but there is someone who sends me to the corner and then spanks me every week. I'm grateful her for letting me accept a challenge.