Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Side effects of Spanking

Spanking influences not only behaviour and manners. There are some side effects. I'm talking not about marks and bruises. I've noticed and other spankers have probably noticed too that regular spanking sometimes solves such problems as insomnia and obstruction. Another possible side effect is increased sexuality. These phenomena are NOT unexceptional. It means that spanking may result nary of the effects mentioned above.

The first effect I've noticed has been my sister cured of the obstruction. She has come back home after graduating an university and her regular spanking has been renewed. Effect was very mild and steady comparing to using of drugs. The desease has relapsed at every recess of spanking. The only explanation I've found for this phenomenon is reflex zones on the back, behind and backside of legs. I've expected this effect to be a stable for other girls too. Unfortunately, I can't say safely spanking works against obstruction in pite of many casies the obstruction was resolved.

An another explanation of this effect is location of acupuncture points on backside and legs (mainly urinary bladder meridian). On the other hand the spanking is very inaccurate and rough when compared to acupuncture methods. This causes that spanking may influence this effect in very different manner depending o girls body, spankers habits, implement used etc. The location of acupuncture points explains the increased sexuality since it may be explained by location of female erogenic zones too but don't explain increased sexuality by men.

A couple of girls were cured of the insomnia. I can't find the physiological reason why. May be there are some psychological effects of spanking I've not explored yet.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Corner (1)

A girl is sent to a corner when the spanking is over. This is the most common practise. Why not to use the standing or the kneeling in the corner as a separate discipline measure?

Found on The Art of Discipline

One may suppose it's a very mild treatment. I beg to differ - it's very effective. Let talk about kneeling this time.

Key advantages of the kneeling are as follows. 1. No spanking - no sound. If you are restricted to the silence by your neighbours or other inhabitants of the home the spanking isn't the best solution of discipline.

Found on The Art of Discipline

2. The kneeling is very tedious. When the girl kneels straight with no support and with her hands on a head she is spent after almost an hour of kneeling.

Found on White Panties Club

3. The kneeling is painful. It hurts not only knees but thighs, feet and stomach too.

4. The kneeling is the measured treatment. Assigning e.g. five minutes of kneeling as a primary dose lets to make the punishment harder increasing the time of kneeling at these intervals. These intervals may be used as a penalty for improper kneeling (wiggle, scratch, talking etc).

Found on Last Century of Spankings

5. The kneeling is shameful. It's shameful as any other punishment. One may increase a level of the shame pulling girl's panties down or ordering her to undress waist down. Whe the girl kneels not in private but is observed by other inhabitants of the home the shame is even more greater.

Found on Spanked by Step-Mother

6. The kneeling is very flexible and variable treatment. One may make the kneeling very painfull putting some pies on the floor. One may choose the time and the moment, the level of nudity and the exact position, the primary dose and the minimal time of the kneeling adjusting the disciplinary treatment personally to the particular girl.

7. There are no visible results (marks, bruises or wounds) in practice after the kneeling.

Let's describe the kneeling in one sentence. The kneeling is quiet, shameful, tedious and painful measured disciplinary treatment without visible results.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Empty spanking

Empty discipline (sometimes called preempty discipline) is a simplified spanking in advance of special events usually. It's goal is to help a girl to behave properly and with a good grace.

Ready to get it - Found on The Art of Discipline

Not all girls need this treatment sure. If you've noticed persistent misbehaviour of the girl during public events or at home parties that has to be corrected the empty discipline is a right way to change girl's behaviour. The girl will feel the sting and this pesky pain will work as a reminder to behave one or another right way. The less time to the planned event empty spanking is given the more appropriate behaviour of the girl should be expected.

Ready to get it - Found on Last Century of Spankings

A light cane is most suitable for this kind of spanking. It results in sting for few hours what's more than enough for most public events and home parties. Light caning gives not very long lasting marks, short rosy or red tramlines usually. You may plan a regular maintenance spanking next day or corrective spanking the same day night.

Visible result - Found on White Panties Club

It's a simplified spanking as mentioned above. No special preparation, discussion, warm-up, multi-part treatment or standing/kneeling in the corner are used. When empty discipline is practised there is no difference who will spank the girl. The main thing is to give her the spanking overall. The girl has to ask for this kind of spanking as matter of routine and fix up a suitable time while her usual disciplinarian/executor may be not present when necessary.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Spanked while standing without support

It's a variety of positions when a girl stands with no support. The absence of support makes the girl an active participant of the spanking. She needs to stay in primary position while every stroke is giving her a push.

Standing straight - Found on Girls boarding school

Standing straight may seem very unstable position but in fact it's ideal for spanking when low tension of skin is needed.

Vintage - Found on History of Spanking

Unstability of this position and the girl's self-determination cause this way of spanking has been and is used for examplarly spankings.