Friday, December 17, 2010

After the training

Eliza's know-hows aren't new for me while I know them since my training by Witol and Eliza. My dad has been bitter about me getting spanked by a stranger (fortunately for me the training has been carried out me being not at home). He's changed from indulgent daddy to a faultfinder immediately he's got to know about my training. Some accusations have been reasoned and other not, but he's been ready to spank me for any of them. And he's spanked me not taking my no.

It’s not on to say "No" when someone has a belt in his hand and I'm barebottomed. My situation hasn't fitted no one Eliza's advice exactly. What I have to do and how I have to behave? To leave parents' home it's the same as to cut loose from the family. To stay at home means to assent to my discipline. I've chosen the second way.

I've thrashed out all possible reasons to get spanked and what I'm doing wrong. Dad has been spanking me by his fit after he's pumped me out about all happenings of the day. My first statement - don't argue against him. I've promised to myself to get ready for the spanking unresisting and undressed already. I can take the spanking quietly the same way I've been taking my training. I've promised to myself to remind dad if he omits my offences. I've promised to myself to kneel down after the spanking not trying to cover my thrashed bottom and to kneel in quiet not letting my brother to taunt me. I've put everything on paper. Nonsense. It's impossible to follow all steps. This nightmare lasts the week so maybe I have to wait and everything would work out in itself.

Let say it's a training similiar to one I've undergone already. Let say the goal of this training is to stop argue against my parents and not those foolish offences (no one in the world is punished for such manners I think). It's training then. So I have get spanking daily no matter have I argued against my parents or no. I'm spanked daily in any case already. I have to get some spanking for every backtalk in addition to the punishment my parents set me. No, that's wrong way as I may get a thorough punishment while no argues and I can volunteer for punishment everytaime I think I've deserved it. So what? I've been at a deadlock.

I've sent an e-mail to Eliza and I've got an answer the same day.

1. Your parents give a loose to their feelings simply so your daily spanking isn't presumptive in the nearest future.
2. Are you sure you are ready to take a punishment for every your backtalk? If yes, you have to get the punishment no matter how hard you've been spanked for something else.
3. I'm not sure your argues and backtalks are so bad habits that need a training to kick them.
4. You are right in the rest - don't counter your punishment, you readiness will be counted.
5. Keep repeating on your mind "I need this spanking".
6. The last thing. Asking for punishment isn't demerit. When you think you'll be punished then ask for the spanking, forestall your parents bringing a charge against you. Your asking for the punishment can't be token, you have be ready for it.

Well. I carry training against my argues and backtalks forward. I can only wish me a good luck for the rest.

Mommy and dad pry me out after I've come home from the college. I try to stay calm though Ie retort a couple of times. "Do you know you deserve a punishment therefor?" - dad asks. "Yes, I do." Sure I do. It's the only dad's question day by day almost two weeks already. The most solemn moment is coming: I unbutton my skirt and take my panties off without a word. Dad has started my spanking over skirt previously, later over panties and only to the end over bare. Every spanking ends over bare bottom anyway. I bend over the table next without a word again instead of struggling with him and mommy. My parents are in astonishment. Dad pulls his belt out and my punishment begins. I try to press my breast down to the table and stay still. Mommy recites my "offences" I'm spanked for. "That's all" - dad says. "No greeting with neighbour remains" - I say while bent over the table still. Another few strokes and I straighten my back. "Go into the corner and muse your behaviour, young lady," - mommy says. I go to the TV and kneel down facing the wall. Mommy helps me to stand up and huges me no more than ten minutes later. No such tenderness previously, no hugs or kisses.

I'm spanked another three times this way. Dad says it's weekend and there is no need. The time has come to have a talk.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Know-how for the girls

1. Don't expect your spanking will be cancelled

It's a main and most often mistake of me and most girls to hope for the cancelled spanking. Try to think like your spanker thinks "This girl needs a spanking". If your spanker says "It's for your own good" - believe him. If it's hard to you to change your mind try to repeat for youself as a mantra "I need this spanking. I want be spanked." It works even if you think athwart these words.

Never try to bring round your spanker to cancel the spanking while it's really in your own good to be spanked on regular basis if such a decision is made once.

2. I don't like a long spanking

I like my spanking to end as soon as possible. So I don't like to stand in the corner for an hour before the spanking and another hour after it. I prefer to kneel barebottomed with my hands on a head and since it's a more severe measure it's intended to last no more than ten minutes.

The spanker starts usually with a warm-up and then stiffens the spanking step by step. It takes a long time so I ask for a strap or for a cane straight off after the warm-up. I know by experience that the spanking produces the same pain no matter how it's carried out. So I simply exclude long smacking with a hairbrush, slipper or similiar implements.

3. Be honest

Be honest with you spanker and with yourself. When you are spanked once or twice a week some monthes later the pain of the same spanking isn't so stinging as before so you need more spanking for the same result. Tell it for your spanker, ask him to add some more hits with a preferred implement.

When you feel an irresistible wish to rub your bottom during the spanking ask for it, don't rub your bottom without a permission while it may lead to injury of your hands. Anyway it's much better to get your palms strapped as a penalty measure instead of having your fingers broken with a cane.

4. Your opinion counts

If you don't agree with your punishment or the part of it - say it but don't ask to cancel it. The best solution is to say that you don't agree while you want to to get it anyway. This makes your spanker to think your punishment again and maybe it will help to spank you less the next time. The best time to say your opinion is when your punishment is over. Remember to ask for more when you think you deserve more than you've got.

5. Winter - the best time for a rest of your bottom

Not only your bottom fits for a spanking making you cry and squeal. Use a winter for spanking over your thighs, all parts of them are good for spanking and the spanking is more stinging at the same time.

6. Winter is the best time to get all delayed spankings

If there are some delayed punishments the winter is probably the best time to get them all. My bottom and my legs are covered all the time in winter so they can stay patterned for month after the prolonged discipline session.

7. Wear stockings instead of pantyhose

If a weather isn't very cold I prefer to wear stockings instead of pantyhose and no panties when I know I'll get the spanking any minute now. I put my panties over garter belt not under it while it enables me to remove my panties very quickly and with confidence.

8. Don't be ashamed

Easier said than done. Anyway if your spanker tells you to raise your skirt in some strange surroundings - do it. Even if you think it's not deserved - do it anyway. You may say your position afterwards while some significant reasons to spank you you'll notice during the spanking.

9. And again

Reserve your opinion and wishes to the end of your spanking. Be honest - ask for more if you think your punishment is too soft. Trust in your spanker always.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deputy spanker (4)

I want to mention in my posts some key moments of negative experience during the spanking ant this way to invite other girls to share their memories. I believe only people in spanking come to this blog so all writings aren't public.

As I've mentioned already earlier the spanking is a negative experience for spanked girls. But the same spanking is a positive for the spanker that spanks the girl. The spanker thrashes the girl because he loves her and the spanking helps her to grow-up and the girl needs it. When the girl perceives this rule (that her spanking is positive for her spanker) she's on account to trust him and eventualy do everything he's asking her to do. The only setback on this way may be the girl's fear or reluctance to bare her bottom anytime she's asked to do this. Such a setback brings some misunderstanding into the girl's and her spanker relationships while the spanker faces the girl's refuse for some positive action so he has the one way to do it giving her some extra spanking (while positive action is never too much). The only solution for the girl is to surmount her fear of nudity and conform the rules set by her spanker.

An empty spanking before my outing to a party has been a first time when I've refused to bare my bottom while my former roommate has called for me. It has been a case of my fear to let my friends to know me getting spanked (not so great problem while I've never made a secret of it) and getting spanked while wittnessed by her. When I look back at this case from the position of nowadays I understand that my aunt's persistency to spank me anyway has been the only right solution. The laid spanking can't be cancelled anyhow while this cancellation may become a precedent for further cancellations and losing the control over the girl that needs the spanking. My aunt's tight position has made me to obey and I've got the empty spanking in the kitchen while my roommate has been waiting for me in the living room. There is a great difference in letting someone to know about my spanking and wittnessing my spanking. On the other hand the person wittnessing the girls spanking become a kind of spanker's associate thus taking a responsibility for the girl's education and surveillance.

To make everything going swimmingly I need to synchronize my feelings with my spanker's feelings. I have to made my trust in my spanker a subconscious. This includes my ability to bare my bottom anytime I'm asked to do this. So I return to a statement that the girl has to train herself from wearing no panties to staying bottomless. It may seem as a kind of obsession but I see it as the only way to surmount a fear of nudity and as a consequent obey any spanker's order. The obey doesn't change my position about the nature of the spanking from negative to positive but it lets me understand and take in the spanker's position. This is applicable to an empty punishment first of all.

The most controversial and ambiguous spanking is an empty punishment. When getting the empty punihment I'm spanked for something I haven't done. So no one can say this spanking is really deserved. I've always trusted in my spanker and if he or she says I have to get an empty punishment I simply must present my bottom for spanking. I remember just a couple of cases when I've been thrashed after the empty punishment. I'm getting the empty spanking before almost any outing (party, theatre, picnic etc.) for more than twenty years. This spanking doesn't counts as a part of maintenance discipline so I may be spanked everyday and then get the maintenance spanking on Friday night. Some people say the empty spanking is the expression of the distrust. Maybe it's the reason the girls (and me too) don't like to talk about it. Anyway I have to acknowledge the empty punishment is effective. It's probably the only case when I have to ask to spank me and this is another reason to exclude it from my chats.

The spanker punishes me in advance preventing me of making offences and this action is very positive in his mind since it negative for me. If I take the empty punishment as the positive experience just as a rule not in real it helps me to ask for the spanking everytime I'm intended to get it. The empty spanking is very short in time and is executed exactly before the event requiring it. I haven't let go my hold of getting it so I'm prepared for it when I ask to spank me though I hate this moment.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Deputy spanker (3)

The spanking itself is just one of the negative experiences in therapy spanking, training or punishment. Another very important negative experience is the shame. The shame of nudity is very strong cause the public opinion and education. The girl's panties is the last thing she's taking off whe undressing and the first thing to take off for spanking. The girl may reduce the shame of nudity while habituating the staying pantyless or bottomless at home first of all. The girl's nudity isn't something new for other inhabitans of the home while they can see her standing in the corner before and after the spanking. The shame of nudity is important for discipline very seldom while the main accents are the spanking and the shame of getting the spanking. The wont to stay at home bottomless helps the girl to avoid the shocking shame even in situations when she's getting ready for her spanking by a stranger or in public.

The girl doesn't like to talk about her nudity even after she's surmounted the shame of staying pantyless or bottomless while in both cases such girl in public opinion is simply a girl of easy virtue. On the other hand wearing no panties under the skirt or under the dress is very convenient if the girl undergoes the training or is spanked more than twice a week. Someone has to say that and this someone can't be a spanker man but another experienced girl.

The know-how is that panties on the frequently thrashed bottom involve an itching. It's not the pain but very unpleasant feeling anyway. Another moment is that the spanker wants the girl to have her panties around her knees. Not around her ankles and not off but around the knees while in this case the girl sees her panties all the time before the spanking what makes her feel the shame more, this time the shame of getting spanked. The spanking itself is more than enough for me so when the spanker tells me to pull panties down to my knees I simply say "Sorry, I've no panties". I can't say I prefer stockins and garter belt instead of pantyhose, but for spanking I put on stockings and no panties. Some girls are worrying to show their nudity in public while without panties but I think the girl shows only what she's ready to show. When the wind raises the skirt showing the bottom who can say exactly is that bottom bare or in thong.

The girl has to trust in her spanker without reservation. It may seem the same as obey him, but the trust is more positive and thus more efficient. When the spanker tells the girl to prepare for her spanking somewhere in the strange place some girls are begging for mercy or for delay or for the spanking not over the bare. I know that all beggings may result just in a huff of the spanker and who needs the shirty spanker. If the girl is experienced in staying bottomless she experiences less embarrassment when preparing for her spanking even in public. I believe all my thrashings in front of unsuspected witnesses have been deserved or they have been necessary for a teamwork.

Another negative feeling dealing with the shame of nudity is a corner time before and after the spanking. The nudity isn't obligatory when standing in the corner but the shame of nudity may become prevailing thus drowning out the shame of getting spanked. I've suffered such shame when I've moved to my aunt's home and her fifteen years old son has starred at my patterned bottom after the first strapping. I don't know what feel other girls but my shame has been so great that I can't remember the pain or what I've been spanked for. To make the spanking effective I've had to train myself to stay bottomless at aunt's home and later at my parents' home. The first few times are very terrible but it's the only way to make the spanking work.

P.S. I'm very sorry but I don't know how to put photos in my posts still.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Deputy spanker (2)

The therapy spanking after intense spanking for three-four monthes grows into weekly maintenance therapy or into weekly maintenance discipline. There is no difference how is the spanking named while the result is the same.

The training spanking is over in two or three monthes and there is no need for further spanking. This time is enough for some ralatives or friends of the girl to get to know about her spanking and about her attitude towards it (acceptance). The girl's acceptance of the training is a trump card when discussing her discipline after the training is finished. On the other hand the girl understands for herself that if the spanking is effective for one her habit it will be effective for another too. So there are no cons usually and regular disciplinary spanking starts very shortly after the training is finished if only someone in the girl's environment expresses the will to discipline the girl.

The punishment is always the negative experience. The girl may agree that it's deserved but it stays negative anyway. The punishment works cause it's negative nature. This is the first and probably the main reason why spanked girls don't like to speak up about their punishments. The maintenance discipline isn't the punishment for some real offences so it's not so negative as the punishment and I've noticed girls prefer to chat about it more easily.

Another holdout to put out the girl's spanking experiences baldly deals with nowadays. It's a very common practice to get a regular spanking fifty or even thirty years ago. Major changes in social mind have converted a loving discipline into violence in the family thus eliminating the spanking from the everyday life. Millions of girls and women live without knowing what the spanking is. People just know that it's a violence, an extreme negative. When the girl realises one day that the spanking is good for her she can't confess this because of public opinion. Almost all Witol's girls have been spanked by him for the first time in their life. These girls were sure the spanking deals with a whip, dungeon, chains etc. before they have made the acquaintance of Witol. Courtesy, delicacy and respect are prerequisites for effective spanking. Those three provisions make the girls come back after their first spanking (sometimes a very hard one). Such acceptance of the spanking remains behind the closed doors anyway while the outer world remains with it's opinion about spanking as extreme violence.

The spanked girl never talks about her spanking without the answers to two very important questions: "Why me?" and "Why the spanking?". For me personaly these questions have never been a problem because of conventionalities and I've never asked them. My mom and her sisters (my aunts) have been spanked without lurking so the spanking of girls and young women for me is a part of family life. The adults have been spanked not the same way as kids and I've got it to know in my adolescence. But it's a routine spanking, nothing very special. The situation is flat another in nowadays and these two questions become very important. These are two parts of one question actualy and answer thus is very simple: "Cause it works for you". This simple answer doesn't solves an uncertainty but it's a solid base for further inferences.

When talking about therapy spanking the problem of the spanking reason is almost solved by the magic word "therapy". The training and the disciplinary spanking is different throughout. The girl has to confess to herself she can't solve her own problems alone without a help from the outside. The fact that the help is the spanking is just a trifle. I've gone through this when after graduating a school and leaving parents home I as a second year university student suddenly have realised that I need help in my studies. I've been in need of help to screw myself up to prepare for exams. I've been thinking about the pep pills or something else to stimulate my brain and memory. I've had recurrence to my aunt and she's offered me a strapping. My expectancy to live without the spanking has been ruined after I've moved from the campus to my aunt's home. I've felt inadequate and diminished. To talk with someone about my feelings in that days? Not for anything! The only person I can confess has been my aunt I know she has been spanked once a week though she's thirty seven at that time.

The decision to get the spanking is made by freewill and this makes the public talk about the spanking more complicated as the forced spanking. When the spanking is forced against the own will the girl feels like others just the circumstances are those that someone spanks her when she is a normal girl like all other girls.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Deputy spanker (1)

I substitute for Witol this and may be the next month not only in his spanking duties but also as a master of this blog. So it's my fault the blog is inactive for so long period of time. Witol has had an idea the girs will write down their memories and this will keep the blog alive. But the girls don't like to write and I know why.

The spanking is a negative experience still and all. The girl can accept it, she can understand she needs it and even she can experience the overall positive effect of spanking. But anyway the spanking is negative while it's efficiency is based on it's forbidding stuff.

When the girl decides to accept the training or the therapy spanking she knows what follows though the first time is shocking anyway. Pulling her panties down or taking them off is the first and most disgraceful thing before she gets the first hit. Spanking over the bare bottom is in the social mind the last measure for very or almost beyond hope naughty girl. The girl needs to give reasons for her spanking in the case somebody else except the spanker would get to know her new activity. The girl is under a delusion she can keep her spanking in secret. It's inpossible.

Her boyfrien or husband, sibling, roommate and parents get to know about her spanking in less than one or two first monthes. It's the second great shock for the girl. She has to explain why she needs her bottom to be spanked. Why exactly the spanking and not other way of therapy or training. The girl and her folks have develop an awareness of exceptional efficiency and utility of the spanking.

The third natural step is bringing the spanking from the therapist office to the girl's home. The spanking at home may seem to be less shameful and more convenient but it's so on the first sight only. The girl gets the spanking in the less private environment when compared to the therapist office. Neighbours, folks and friends get to know the girl is spanked on regular basis very shortly.

On the other hand the spanking at home has another very sufficient attribute. It transforms very shortly into the disiplinary spanking. The therapic effect of the spanking is too complicate and not acceptable explanation for most people. The words that the girl needs the spanking may signify both the therapy and the discipline. The last one is more acceptable for most people. Try to imagine at this point the self-sufficient and self-determined young woman that is forced to take her panties off barring her sacred part of body and then getting her bottom blisterred until she loses the control and begs for mercy while she has done nothing to beg for mercy.

The therapic spanking transforms into the disciplinary maintenance spanking at home less than in one month usually. The disciplinary spanking is brand new thing when compared to a therapic spanking while there are such moments as penalties during the spanking, standing in the corner, exposing the spanked bottom for other people, disciplinary book or calendar and some other moments specific for each family.

The girl is experiencing the shame and disgrace but she feels pretty well and understands the spanking is efficient as the therapic treatment anyway. She keeps this knowledge for herself while the public declaration of the spanking efficiency leads usually to the harder and more frequent spanking. The girl speaks up with her therapist and with other girls sufferring the same fate.

The hard and frequent spanking makes the girl to feel good while this spanking is really very negative experience in fact. She understand she needs the spanking and she is afraid to get more than it's necessary since she accepts penalties, corner time and empty spanking as a assurance she'll get that spanking in the future.

The described scenario is the most optimistic for the girl after she takes a decision regarding the therapy spanking. The most common is the deplorable scenario when someone in the girl's family goes at her spanking with spirit but everything fizzles out in one or two monthes. One has keep in mind that the spanking is the negative experience for the spanked girl usually no matter accepts she it or no. As a conclusion of this the girl needs an extreme effort of will to ask someone for spanking. She may ask once or twice but not always when the time for her spanking comes.