Thursday, February 24, 2011

Abstinence crisis

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I've undergone three courses of training helping me in losing my weight. I haven't been spanked by my parents before so Witol's words "The spanking may change your life" have been for me matter-of-course.

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Witol has spanked me first two monthes and the I've been spanked at home by elder brother. I've been ashamed of my buxom body and of my nudity.

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Frequent spanking has made it's job - I've been not afraid to bare myself or to let my bro raise my skirt.

Found on Spanked office girls

I've been waiting for every spanking. I can't say I've been happy. I know it's helping me in getting better result and this result is everything.

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The third course has been the worse. Very hard and frequent caning results in swalowed bottom and almost ideal figure

Found on Spanked office girls

Vuala! I can put a real mini on and not be afraid of it. I've been really happy for almost six monthes and I can see the New Millenium in as completely another girl. My mommy and my friends have noticed me become a cheerful pretty girl. I'm not sure it has happenned six monthes later anyway I've been missing something and I can't understand what. I've been "forgetting" to put panties while wearing skirt or dress and I've been wearing provocative short skirts only.

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I've been staying bottomless at home to crown it all. There is no need for me to fight against my shame as I've found in some posts here. It's something different.

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Vuala again! Witol has asked me for help in his office. The assistant of the herbalist and of the spanker (herbalist maybe not so important) gets her bottom spanked more frequent than any other girl. The first day in his office has shown me what I've been missing for all these monthes.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It's time to make an apology especially for my new assistant and dresser Lenka. Force major. I can't find other words to describe what's happenned to me and my business a month ago. I have to move my office and herbs repository to a new place till the middle of March. A complete zeitnot.

I've planned to test new techniques with Lenka and promised her a regular treatment - I've spanked her today for the first time this year instead. I feel bad about it.