Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spanking Positions - Standing

When the girl has to be spanked at the very instant of her offence or when not longlasting spanking is necessary the girl is spanked in standing position. This position is noteworthy itself since it's very simple, require nothing except the girls bottom and the implement applied over this bottom.

Found on Girls boarding school

Standing straight is really a very good and convenient position only that the girl has to be strongly self-determined for the spanking. It's very simple to leave this position with minimal efforts from the girl's side.

Found on Spanking and Shame

The spanker holding the girl's arm in his grasp can't keep the floundering girl still.

Found on Spanked Cutie

The only solution for the floundering girl when she's spanked in standing position is to lead her to something she can put her hands on. It may be a tree, a bench, a car etc.

Found on Girls boarding school

A simple solution for a common problem.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Instincts at Spanking (5)

The uncontrolled fear just before the spanking after the panties are pulled down is one of the basic instinct influencing the girl's behaviour. This feeling is much stronger than a shame and it makes the girl to uncover her privates while trying to recoil and cover her bottom.

Found on Girls boarding school

This may cause the same fluster as by when the girl is feeling shame. The fear is good in some ways showing the girl's objective to avoid or reduce the spanking. When the fear becomes panic the girl's behaviour isn't more under control.

Found on Schoolgirls disciplineFound on Girls boarding school

The most common expression of fear is begging for mercy. The stronger the fear the more obsessive begging.

Found on Schoolgirls discipline and spanking

The time and the spanker's delicacy are those measures helping to soothe the fear. Letting the girl to keep her panties on up to the last moment may far quickly to suothe and calm her down.

Found on Schoolgirls discipline and spanking

The panic fear is gone away and the girl is trying to cover her privates again. That's indicates that the spanking can begin.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Instincts at Spanking (4)

All spankers have noticed the girls body bending back at each hard hit. It's a natural muscles' reaction to stinging pain. It seems as if this may disturb the spanking.

Found on Spanked Mature Ladies

Some spankers try to rein the girl in ordering her to stay still while it's next to impossible. It's a muscle's reflex at the physiologic level not a deliberate conduct. It's as natural as the tears not sham.

Found on Spanked office girls

This body reaction is an indicator of the hitting strength. Increasing the strength of delivered hits may cause the girl to start screaming or what is even more worth to lose the consciousness of the pain in full. The body's bending back isn't visible sometimes so the spanker may keep his free hand on the girl's back.

Found on Young wife

The girl's body's bending back is a cue for me to hit not so hard or to make longer pauses between hits.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Instincts at Spanking (3)

Tears are showing theirselves almost at every spanking. It's a par for the course. A goal of the spanking is to bring a girl to tears sometimes. Tears as a natural reaction is an evidence of moderate pain. It may become a problem when it's too loud.

Found on Young wife

Sobs and cries are acceptable if only audible by other inhabitants of the home and not outside. It's possible to avoid louder screams keeping the same hitting strength and tempo.

Found on Last Century of Spankings

The girl may start to scream or squeal loudly when hitting tempo is high since the strength is still moderate. The girl doesn't take the pain in full after she starts to squeal. So I prefer to make a pause after each strong hit. The spanking lasts much longer this way but it's more effective.

Found on Young wife

There are situations however when a bringing the girl to the squeal is desirable. No dragon cane is needed to achieve such result, it's enough to spank double-quick. Five minutes of spanking over my knees with a light rubber paddle is enough to make the girl to scream forgetful of everything and herself.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Instincts at Spanking (2)

The shame to uncover her privates is probably the most common feeling for almost every girl. The first thing they try to do after panties go down is to cover theirself.

Found on Spanking & shame

The shame isn't a demerit but the girl has to be absorbed by the pain of spanking and all other feelings may distract her attention. It's a primary feeling and there is a set of secondary feeling and behaviour aspects under the influence of the shame.

Found on Last Century of Spankings

Smiling, giggling and even a laughter are caused by the shame and the modesty. The giggle is proper to not experienced girls or it's specific when two or more girls are preparing to their spanking at a time.

Found on Young wife

The girl's fluster is also caused by the shame and the modesty. The girl's behaviour becomes inadecvate. There can't be a try to spank her in that case.

Found on Spanked Mature Ladies

Some girls dress up in a special way for spanking or even start to flirt after they are undressed waist down. They give a sense to their nudity and femininity in this way.

Found on Spanked by Step-Mother

The only thing the spanker can do is to let the girl to calm down and to settle down to her present circumstances. There is no rush when spanking the girl. It's a good time to disccuss with her the upcoming spanking after she has panties pulled down. A break for coffee or cigarette is a good idea too. The girl is ready to get into position when she isn't absorbed by her nudity nomore.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Classification of Spanking

The table bellow may be helpful to understand what I'm talking about in my articles.

    Not disciplinary
            At the very instant
            Regular maintenance
            Regular accumulative


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Corner (2)

Standing in the corner or simply facing the wall is just another non spanking but spanking related discipline measure. It seems that standing is too mild to be a punishment. It may be a good time for the girl to reassess her behaviour, it's motives, causes and consequences, when standing facing the wall in private.

Found on Girls boarding school

The standing can be made more punitive by adding some shame elements, especially when girl is standing in conspicuous place and there are more inhabintants at home not only girl's disiplinarian.

Found on Retro & Vintage Spanking Found on Young wife

Pants pulled down and/or skirt raised up are those elements that make standing more shameful thereby more punitive. Some additional orders such as no talking, no turning around, putting hands on a head are effective too.

Found on Girls boarding school

Some disciplinarians prefer the girl to be completely naked. Nudity isn't more shameful as spanking dress code in my opinion. I'll write about it some time or other later.

Found on Girls boarding school

One may make the standing more shameful removing more clothes but not all. Another very effective approch is ordering the girl to face the room. This recipe is veryy effective even in private.

Found on Schoolgirls discipline

Standing in the corner is effective disciplinary measure in any case. It's not the worst of ways to punish the girl when spanking is impossible.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Spanking Therapy (2)

I've gone a three months cours of spanking and it has been my first spanking ever. I've been told it's painful but who can foresee it being so terrible. I have still a timentable made spaecially for me.

I've been spanked twenty three times in a bit more than three monthes. The fourth and the fifth spankings have been the most shocking and a thought to leave that course has been reasonable for me. I've continued still and all. I've felt pretty well to the end of the fourth week.

Other people live without spanking of course, they take drugs, they spent a lot of time in hospitals and sanatoria, some of them are on the mend or even leave their beds. That's their choice. I've chosen the spanking and have no regrets about it. Someone may name me as a spanko and I agree. It's o.k. for me to get fifty hits with the belt once or twice a week. It's not only o.k. but I have to confess I need the spanking.

Discussion before Spanking

There is almost no info on the web how the spanking starts usually. Most described cases start with telling the girl to get in position and pull panties down.

Found on Spanked Mature Ladies

Every spanking for the girl is a great event no matter is the girl experienced spanko or vanilla. Girl's behaviour and mind are changed by the knowledge of upcoming spanking. She gets more pliant and meek. So why not to use this moment to make the spanking more effective. I ask the girl to pull panties down or undress waist down and then start a discussion about her upcoming spanking. There is no matter what kind of spankig is to come. The girl becomes even more humble with her panties pulled down. I start our talk discussing everythig has happenned since her last spanking and I don't rank her behaviour thoughts and events as good or bad. I let the girl to judge on everything herself. Her value judgement is the base for our common decision how it should be treated.

Found on Young wife

The next step is a detailed discussion how the girl has to be spanked for every moment she has noted as punishable. There is a ranking of various offences as a matter of routine usually. We need just to sum up everything. When the girl has a disciplinary diary she writes all offences and deserved spanking down. I suggest a reduction or extra spanking considering the progress in girl's behaviour and previous spankings sometimes.

Found on Young wife

The last thing just before the spanking is recapitulation by the girl what's going next. This step helps the girl to sense the spanking and prepare herself for the deserved pain. Some girls start with crying at this point.

Found on Spanked office girls

I divide hard or long spanking into several parts usually and make a break in between of those parts. The break in spanking helps for better prehension of the discipline and more perceptible pain. Letting the girl to settle down after the overpast portion of spanking and discussion of the next part helps the girl to take the pain in full.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spanking Therapy (1)

Can the spanking be used as a therapy without quotation marks? The mechanism of sthe spanking isn't clear at this moment as well as isn't clear the mechanism of such widespread indispositions as Neurosis and Neurasthenia. Healing of those ailments is based on the raising the level of endorphins and normalising the organism's reaction to stress situations. There are a lot of chemical substances increasing the amount of endorphins or helping the organism to produce them by itself. Normalising the patient's reaction to stress situation is still at the point of the way out however. Regular perceived spanking gives a very clear interchange of "breakdown" and "elation". Very clear and strong elation makes most of spankos to ignore possible breakdowns and strive for the spanking again and again. I've had in my practice a couple of successful cases helping to recover neurasthenia.

The spanking used as therapy is almost the same as regular maintenance spanking. There are only few but very important differences.

The girl has to be spanked regularly: first two weeks every next day, later twice a week and then once a week. Regularity has to be very exact. Overdue of fifteen minutes may ruine all process. If the time for the spanking is set at 7PM it has to be performed at the same time all sequential times. No excuses are acceptable.

Found on Girls boarding school

I use the discussion of upcoming spanking usually. It takes a little time sometimes. I use a brutal force if the girl can't bring herself and pull her panties down. This is an exception while I never do this during disciplinary spanking.

Found on Girls boarding school

The spanking has to be hard and measured. Every spanking has contain the same count of hits or equivalents (when implements exchange ratio is known). Screams and tears during this spanking is a good sign.

Found on Girls boarding school

It's not a disciplinary spanking so no corner time is needed. The girl stays barebottommed for a while anyway to take the pain in full. I use a special salve sometimes to avoid bruises.

Found on Girls boarding school

It's a frequent and hard spanking so girl's bottom remains dark patterned for a long time. I haven't found a way to spank a girl so hard gain and again without longlasting marks. The spanking over the damp cloth doesn't solve this problem while it gives longlasting persistent pain instead of transient sting.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Persuasion before Spanking

Some girls alter their mind what about the strength and hardness of the spanking they have to get already in the course of the spanking. The process is interrupted and I begin to persuade the girl to continue the spanking the way it has been planned.

Found on Schoolgirls discipline and spanking

It happens so as a rule when I'm spanking two or more girls at one time. They may be not careful enough when discussing the upcoming spanking. Or may be they hope the spanking for both of them has to be equal.

Found on Spanked Mature Ladies

The only thing I can do is to persuade the girl. When the girl is only one everything is ok. I repeat our discussion and my arguments and it's enough in most cases. Just the obedience of the girl isn't the same as usually so I have to keep in mind her possible struggle and hold her under my pit.

Found on Young wife

If the girl isn't alone the persuasion is much longer usually. It is interrupted by another girl sometimes. The girls' determination to get the spanking after some hits isn't the same as before the spanking. It's very hard to spank two or more girls at one time overall.

Found on Spanked office girls

The only way to prevent such situation is a demant for each girl to repeat loudly everything they'll get during this spanking. When I'm sure every girl knows what she'll get exactly, I'm sure she'ld not forget it during upsoming spanking.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Just a public invitation for everyone interested in spanking to follow my blog. I've sent emails to almost all women and girls I've had spanked to come here and write comments. I hope some of them will come.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Instincts at Spanking (1)

Most girls unschooled or even experienced in spanking flounder and struggle at every hit. Or the girl tries to cover her bottom with her hands. They do so undesignedly. Its a kind of reaction of the body to a keen pain. Such behaviour is not only irritating but may cause some injuries too.

Found on Girls boarding school

Girls pick up the habit to stand quiet during their spanking in the course of time. The spanker can and have to help them to learn this as quickly as possible.

Found on Schoolgirls discipline and spanking

There are some basic measures helping to stop the girl floundering and struggling.

Found on Last Century of Spankings

I don't fight with a girl when she's floundering or struggling. I wait till she's quiet again (or almost quiet) and then continue. I want her to take every hit in. I continue after she's settled down.

Found on Proper Punishment

Another way helping girls to stay passive are penalties. One has to hash out all possible penalties: for struggling, for hands on the bottom, for leaving a position etc. It may be starting the spanking over, additional hits, spanking the palms or legs.

Found on Schoolgirls discipline and spanking

I prefer to keep my left hand on girls' back. I feel a moment when the girl is about to start flounder so I make a pause.

Found on Young wife

There is no rush when spanking the girl. I make long time spans between strokes or series of strokes. So the girl can take the pain in full. Penalties are applied if she leaves the position or starts rubbing her bottom.