Saturday, May 28, 2011

Regular Spanking (3)


I think about myself spanked frequently and asking my parents to spank me while begging for mercy in the act of every thrashing. It may seem a nonsense or some perversion for the girl to ask for punishment. It's real anyway. It's real for me and for other girls treated the same way. Much more girls needed this but they didn't get it because of the sloth of their parents and educators. I've met young and elder women understanding their guilt and waiting for the payment at the back of their mind. A couple of sittings is enough to make it clear. If their guilt would paid on regular basis they never meet such psychologic problems. I've noted previously that's hard to imagine an adult women getting a regular spanking when it isn't a follow-up of hte similiar treatment from the past.

How and why it works? I guess one of the key moments in regular spanking is the discussion. The girl understands the purport and the sense of every hit. All reasons and all hits are registered so both the spanker and the girl can see the progress. And there comes a perception. The girl understands that every hit leads to the goal. No matter what that goal is. Some goals may seem unrealizable at the beginning but positive results some time later prove the opposite. It's a milestone for every girl undergoing the regular spanking: "I know - the spanking works!" The same girl that was avoiding her punishment a month ago is asking to spank her harder and it's just a question of time this to happen.

My mom used a calendar to mark the days me getting the spanking. It was before the regular treatment. The next step was a diary. She was filling it every time writing down the count of hits and all reasons. I was filling my diary myself a year later. I remember this time as a continuous nightmare. A lot of things I had to get the thrashing for, I had to write down all my offences and mistakes and as the result no less than fourty belt hits every time. I can't remember the moment I've changed my attitude towards spankig while I remeber the time when I was considering planned fifty hits not enough. I said to mom that I could take more.

So the first thing was understanding that the spanking that didn't make me feel unconfortably didn't work properly. It might be ten hits or it might be fourty hits but if such spanking didn't make me squel it wasn't a final for this goal. There was a lure to solve everything at once while the moderate spanking was leading to the achievment of the same goal by degrees. All young people are maximalists, they want everything at once. I wasn't an exception. Another thing was a pride to take more spanking than ever before.

When I was sure the spanking was good and I needed it everything stopped. I've graduated the school and entered an university. I left the parents' home and no more weekly spankings were in my life. The moment of leaving parents' home is a key in the life of almost all girls especially those spanked on regular basis. I felt a relief and a freedom for the first few monthes while I felt a desperate need of the spanking later. I wasn't ready to ask someone outside of my family to spank me so I used every visit to my parents to get what I'd missed. That was during the first year only. I didn't felt the need of spanking during the second and further years of studies.

My studies were over and I'd got the job in the same town as my sis so I'd to make a decision live with her family and renew the weekly spanking (cause my sis was spanked every week) or continue my life without a regular spanking. I'd chosen the first way. I'm not sure why. Most girls in similiar situations are choosing the life without spanking.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Regular Spanking (2)

A personal experience


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What makes me to agree to get a regular spanking? I guess it's an example. There are other reasons too but example of my elder sis (Witol's and Eliza's mother) and mom is determinant. They have been spanked on every Saturday. I remember some other girls and women from my environment getting the spanking and it has been a very hard thrashing sometimes. Those girls that have been spanked on a regular basis have been asking for it. It's not a rule sure but it happens very often.

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There are two parts in the regular spanking I've witnessed - the routine and the punishment. The routine part is almost clear. It's some amount of hits with a belt. I notice my sis and mom smiling sometimes when the spanking is only routine. How can they smile when getting the spanking? They are asking for more additionally when they think they are naughty. I couldn't understand this.

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What about me? The regular spanking has started as the exclusively disciplinary treatment. I'm fourteen and I'm spanked very often. The rigorous discipline results in getting me over mom's or daddy's lap almost every day. I'm getting the belt once or twice a week. A day without spanking is something exceptional.

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It's my fourteenth birthday and mom says I'm a woman already. I know this. I have to make a decision, she says. Big girls are spanked once a week instead of getting their behind blistered almost daily. Are you a big girl, are you ready for weekly spanking? Sure, I am. It's better by far to forget all those daily slaps and smacks. I'm curious anyway. I have to ask to spank me. I'm big and I can do this in any case.

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I can't say it's a pleasure to get my bottom thrashed or discuss with my parents what treatment I deserve for low grades or lack of attitude. It's my choice anyway. I know I'll get my behind blistered and there is no escape. I have to go out of my way to get just the routine part of my spanking. This part is a trifle in comparison to the punishment I get usually. Ten belt strokes as the regular part are followed by the disciplinary part which isn't less than fourty hits.

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I've realized suddenly that the punishment depends on me. It's not so hard to change myself and to get no punishment. When I do something wrong I ask for punishment otherwise I go to seed and much more harder discipline is necessary. Ten hits with the belt is a proof I've been an examplarly girl and I can't stop smiling when asking to give me those ten strokes.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Regular Spanking (1)


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It's hard to imagine an adult women ordered to pull her panties down for spanking in nowadays. It was hard to imagine fifty years ago too. If the woman isn't spanked for a long period of time the spanking when it is really needed or deserved becomes a kind of extraordinary treatment. One may wonder why the woman does need that spanking while other girls and ladies live without getting spanked at all. My answer is the guilt, the feeling of being guilty. Not the offence or transgression that has to be punished but the guilt. When the girl does something wrong and she does understand that it's wrong she feels the guilt. If the guilt isn't compensated the girl's life becomes frayed, she feels the psychologic discomfort which leads to a depression. I've met a plenty of such women that have the feeling of the uncompensated guilt. The uncompensated guilt has a tendency to grow up.

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Compensation of the girl's guilt is just the practical side of the more basic traditional regular spanking. It's traditional because it has been settled almost two hundreds years ago while it's elements may be observed in ancient times already. The families that are successors of this patriarchal tradition introduce grown up girls into the regular spanking after they are turned to fourteen up to sixteen years, i.e. after they become maidens.

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Contrary to popular belief the traditional regular spanking isn't a brutal strict discipline for every and any trifle rather the manifestation of the girl's femininity. Some elements of discipline are present sure and the hardness of the spanking depends on the girl's behaviour but the spanking is more likely the motivational maintenance discipline and not the punishment for the transgressions done already. I come of such a traditional family and know some other similiar families so my knowledge is practical. Regular spanking gives the opportunity to resolve uncompensated guilts because the discussion of the upcoming spanking is custom with the girl or woman and her spanker.

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Musing befor the spanking and contemplation after it gives the girl an opportunity to survey the whole week (when the spanking is weekly). The survey, analysis and conclusions are efficient for every girl but only the regular spanking lets the girl to do this every week while other girl address theirselves to such contemplation only when the problem occures. The spanking is very important part of the contemplation while it gives the girl a time after it to think about herself. On the other hand the girl remaining barebottomed after the spanking in the corner or facing the wall still has the possibility to ask fo additional treatment after she recollects something that could be resolved by spanking.

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In summary the regular spanking is disciplinary mostly from the side of the girl herself while the spanker is just the executor. The spanker may advice or suggest some additional spanking. The common rule is that when the girl doesn't accept an additional suggested spanking it's worthless to deliver it. The spanker may come down on more intense regular part of the spanking instead. The spanker assists the girl expressing her femininity. The basic part of the spanking is rather mild and soft intimate slapping over the spanker's lap or gentle strapping keeping the girl bent under the spanker's arm.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Interview with Eliza 2

March 8, 1994. My office.

Q.: I've prepared some questions and some questions are the same as from your first interview years ago. I guess I know almost all answers but I want to hear them in your words. Some questions may be intimate so you may give no answer if you don't want. When it has been a last time you've got spanked?

A.: On Friday, four days ago.

Q.: What's the reason yoy've been spanked?

A.: There is no reason usually. I'm assisting some psychologists and they ask me sometimes to play a role of a model in visualizations of their patients. It's a role of naughty someone who needs a spanking.

Q.: Do you enjoy that spanking?

A.: No, I don't. But I can take it.

Q.: Are you masochist or maybe submissive?

A.: None of them. I'm ordinary woman that is familiar with the spanking and with the pain of spanking. To be familiar isn't the same as to enjoy.

Q.: Are you paid for such visualizations?

A.: Yes, I am. But by psychologists, not by their patients.

Q.: Do those spankings include some other activities?

A.: Sometimes. I have to explain that all those perversions have been renamed to deviations of sexual life style few years ago. Most of patients are pointed on spanking or discipline sessions only but they are gained over as sexual deviants and a strong association of spanking with a sexual activity is built. A consequence of such association is an ending phase including penis stimulation till a pseudo orgasm.

Q.: Do you mean ejaculation?

A.: Exactly.

Q.: What is the penis stimulation in your case?

A.: In most cases I stimulate patient's penis with a hand, sometimes oral stimulation or anal insertion is needed.

Q.: Do you come during such stimulation?

A.: Never.

Q.: I've used the words "to enjoy the spanking" during your last interview and you haven't complained me. You say you don't enjoy spanking now. Can you explain this?

A.: There have been your words not mine.

Q.: Well. Have you asked for spanking ever?

A.: Sure, I have. You know that I believe in corrective spanking. It may be a one time spanking or a prolonged session. On the other hand I believe in emotional power of spanking, especially when I'm spanked by close friend or by intimate. I need the spanking sometimes and I ask for it when my allusions are not noticed.

Q.: You get a corrective spanking, emotional spanking and the spanking as the model of visualizations. Are there any other kinds of spanking you get?

A.: Yes. I'm spanked by my boss who is investigating new implements and ways of spanking.

Q.: Tell me more about it.

A.: Are you kidding? You are the boss so you can tell more.

Q.: I want you to tell me in your words. Let say the most memorable case.

A.: All cases are memorable. Ok. You are right. One case. I was asked to get no spanking for six monthes. My boss wanted to investigate a short course of intense spanking lasting one month and I had to be a woman that wasn't spanked before. He started with two spankings daily: strapping in the morning and caning before the bedtime. The intensity of spanking was increasing constantly. I got ten strokes with the belt plus five hits with the cane the first day and fourty strokes with belt plus twenty hits with the cane on the last day of the spanking month. He spanked not only my buttocks but backside of my legs up to the middle of my calves, frontside and inner side of thighs too. I was in panic already to the end of the second week. The pain... Not the pain, the sting was overall. The panic fair was changed by the lassitude and by the apathy to the middle of the third week, I was a zombie.

Q.: Do you believe the investigations of your boss are useful?

A.: I guess yes, they are. The case told by me shows the limits for punishment. I know the punishment spanking isn't acceptable but it's still lawfull when accepted by the adult person.

Q.: You have mentioned few days ago getting fifty strokes with the belt and fifty cane strokes on the average during each visualization and it's nothing special for you. You have got thirty strokes with the belt and twelve cane strokes to the end of the second week of mentioned case and you have been in the panic already. Can you explain this?

A.: The way of spanking is different. Other people deliver strapping strokes continuously in one pass and they can't put the full force when hitting. It hurts a lot but I take that pass as one long hard stroke. When caning they do pauses after each hit but not longer as ten seconds and they try to got my bottom and don't pay a special attention to a strength of the hit. My spankings are over in fifteen or twenty minutes usually. My boss, I mean you, hits very straight and hard even with the belt. He waits after every hit for me to take the pain in. I feel every hit and every stroke as a separate spanking.

Q.: What are your preferencies? Which kind of spanking is the best?

A.: I don't have preferencies for the kind of the spanking but for the result of it. I think the spanking has to be painful, I have to feel the sting of every hit. Some spankers want me to feel the shame while exposing my spanked behind to others or other spankers want just clear spanking marks while they enjoy to stare at the result of their efforts.

Q.: I've noticed some pesimistic overtones in your answers. Is it concerned with a spanking or something else?

A.: A hospital in which I've been working for more than ten years is closed a year ago. My licence of nurse is expiring this year and I desperately need a new job as a nurse. I'm sorry Witol. Or another solution is to pay for my qualification exams by myself.

Q.: I see. Do your kids know about you getting spanked? Have your daughters ever seen your spanking?

A.: I don't make the secret of my spanking though I don't allow them to watch me getting spanked. They know the fact of the spanking and they see me in the corner afterwards sometimes.

Q.: Do they see you barebottomed?

A.: Yes, they do. Why not? They see me nude on the beach, they are girls and I am not the man.

Q.: Have you explained them a reason of your spanking and what's your explanation?

A.: I've said I need it for wellbeing. I don't like fish stories.

Q.: Do you know your elder daughter has called me asking to spank you while you are sick and your daughters don't know how they can help you?

A.: It's new for me.

Q.: What do you think about the therapy session? I think three monthes of freequent spanking will make you feel better.

A.: I'm for it.

Q.: Well, we'll discuss it later. You have removed your skirt and panties for this interview. Why?

A.: I've just noticed that almost any dicussion with you ends in me getting the spanking. I as well as other your assistant girl we remove skirt and panties any time you say you need to talk with one of us.

Q.: Thank you for your answers.

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Spanking season

or an occasion for good girls to get the spanking

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I've noted that various cultures have a ritual spanking or whiping of women at some special ocasions from December to April.

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Christmas, New Year and Epiphany spankings are most popular West Europe and it's the only traditional spanking with some disciplinary elements.

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Lupercalia in Italy is similiar to Pancake Day spanking in some East Slavic countries and it deals with the girl's juvenility and chastity.

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Very similiar by context is the Palm Sunday spanking in Baltic countries where besides the chastity the wellness is mentioned too.

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The Easter Morning spanking in Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary is mentioned in the news and in the press very often. It's similiar to the Sunday after Easter spanking which is very popular too.