Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vacation Spanking

Summer vacation is probably the best time for most people to change the scene and regain their strength. I suggest to spend vacation without the spanking when spanking is apllied on regular basis usually. The summer isn't the best time for spanking overall. The girl's patterned bottom and legs are put on a catwalk when she's wearing shorts or skirt without pantyhose no to say about her at the beach.

Found on Disciplined Daughters

Is the spanking nevertheless necessary and exigent on leave the spanker has to keep in mind that girl's spanked bottom will be exposed in one or another manner.

Found on Girls Boarding School

Most people go on holiday so summer spanking sessions have to be prescheduled in advance. The girl may meet another unknown girl at a set spanking time still and all. It's not good both for the spanker and for the girl but there is no question to manage the spanking other way sometimes.

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Leaving on vacation to a farm is probably the only useful advantage that can be used for intense spanking course. Staying at a jumping-off place for two weeks or more is ideal to start the training and in particular it's an apt place to start a therapy.

Found on Family Spanking

There is no matter is the girl's bottom pale or dark to the end of her vacation I wish them to get the spanking whenever they need it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Spanking a Man


Spanked men isn't a rarity. Some of them need the spanking more than other girls.

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Witol has named two major problems of spanked men: his woman and his penis.

To be more specific the problem is not the penis itself but it is showing. I haven't met a man who has avoided an erection during the spanking leastwise once. I've looked for this case on the net but haven't found any study. The main accent of the man getting the spanking on the net is fetish (female domination, BDSM etc.), where the erection isn't the problem at all.

Found on Big Bad Boy

I can't say the erection is a man's fault. It shows simply his excitation (sexual of course). I'm sure that the woman who has to spank the man is provokes the erection herself starring at his penis, putting on sexy clothing or simply joshing.

Found on Big Bad Boy

I'm trying to stay steady and temperate when spanking men but erection takes place anyway. It's not sure to stay erected all the time. The penis raises and gets down several times independent of what part of the spanking is pending.

Found on Big Bad Boy

Why the erection is the problem? The problem is not the erection but the excitation depicted by the erection. The excited man doesn't takes the pain in full. There is almost no matter what kind of pain is delivered. The acute pain of the wack for men is more acceptable than a plucking the eyebrows even when there is no excitement. The spanking isn't the problem when the man is douce while more and harder hits can level up the pain taken in by the girl and by the man.

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I've been young and unpractised when I've spanked a man for the first time. My solution against the excitement has been a masturbation. It doesn't work the way I've expected. I've kneaded his penis in my palm and I've taken it to my mouth as my last shift. I've provoked up to seven ejaculations every time to make the man ready for the spanking. If the man isn't alone I ask his girlfriend or wife to do all this job of course. (You've been simply tricked into indulging the man. There is a plenty of ways to avoid the erection without ejaculation. Don't want use any of them - simply spank him and pay no attention to his penis. Want be sure about he's taking the pain in? Put your free hand on his back and you'll feel the contraction of back's muscles when the hit is strong enough. - Witol)

Found on Big Bad Boy

I've met another problem after I've resolved the erection. The man's balls are dangling when his penis isn't erected (they are pulled up or sometimes indrawn inside the body during erection). There is almost no possibility to spank him without grazing his balls when he is bent over. A moderate hit with the cane of his behind is a killing for his balls. Just standing straight and prostrating with legs together are more or less safe positions for the man's spanking.

And again. I can't find any discussion about these problems on the net what is caused probably by exceptional sexual origin of all cases of men spanking.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tools for Spanking (1)


Have you noticed the girl misbehaving you may act immediately if you have a belt. This may be not a symbolic slap but really painful thrashing resulting in longlasting results. Almost every man has the belt near at hand as well as anyone may find the belt at almost every home.

Found on Young wife

The belt is an old hat for most spankos. It has been used probably by their mom or dad years ago. There is nothing exciting in the spanking with the belt. This tool isn't suitable for intimate slapping over the spanker's knees. On the other hand the belt isn't the killing implement as the cane is. The belting is much louder as the caning but the sound isn't so sonorous as paddling or even slippering. That's all outs of the belt.

Found on Girls Boarding School

The advantages. All demerits of the belt are used by me as it's merits. The tired belting is indispensable for newbies in spanking. I show that the spanking isn't the game, it hurts and sometimes the pain remains for few days. On the other hand any new girl can take the pain of the belting in full while this pain doesn't exceed her pain threshold.

Found on Step-Mother

I recommend the use of the belt for experienced spankos too after the long non-spanking period. The belt 1"-1⅜" wide is suitable almost for all purposes.

Found on Girls Boarding School

The posssibility to fold the belt one or more times is it's exceptional property. The same tool may be used as light and as heavy spanking implement during the same treatment.

Found on Girls Boarding School

The result of the spanking may be just rosy butts or dark patterned behind depending on folding of the belt and on the strength of the hits.

Found on Girls Boarding School

The belt is versatile spanking tool in my opinion. I use it for all therapies and for maintenance spanking, for regular and accumulative punishment, for empty discipline and sometimes for training.

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The main benefit of the belting is the fugitive result. The belt enables me to spank the girl to tears daily or the every other day. It's impossible using the cane or other heavier implements like the strap or the paddle.

Thursday, July 15, 2010



There are some expectations and rules the girl bargains on from her spanker. Precondition of relations dealing with spanking is mutual understanding and deference. The spanker is granted kind of the admin privileges when reaching a settlement. There is no difference what sort of spanking we are talking about while the girl is on the spanker's string during spanking and sometimes all other time too. The girl is pregnable in the course of spanking relations.

Added by Witol. Found on Young wife

I have to uncover my privates in front of the spanker willy-nilly. No one can avoid this because of the specific of spanking process. I expect some respect for the part of my body that is covered usually. I don't want to undress more that is needed to spank me the intended way.

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I expect my privates will be uncovered in private not in public or in front of some other people taking part in my spanking beyond the settlement. This is the most common case of no regard from the side of the spanker. The time for spanking comes and there are some other people but the spanker is demanding from me to undress. The spanker's claim to bare my bottom shows him breaking the settlement but the only correct act by me is to obey him, otherwise he can use brutal force to start the spanking.

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Spanker's brutality is usually expressed by taking the girl under his pit thus obviating the girl's struggle and giving her some kind of introductory spanking. The spanker shows this way his superiority. The next step may be the claim of the penalty the girl has deserved by defying the spanker's request and there is no matter have been such penalties included in the settlement or not.

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The settlement and the rules are broken by the spanker once thus they will be broken again and again. What have the girl to expect from her spanker when he is breaking the settlement? 1. A breach of privacy. Some other people may not only witness your spanking but spank you or sometimes be spanked together with you. 2. You may get a harder spanking than you are deserving. The spanker may simply deliver more hits than usually or than it is set. He can change the spanking implement e.g. the belt is changed by the cane but the count of hits remains the same. 3. Fabricated penalties that result in "lawful" harder spanking. 4. More frequent spanking may be worse than a hard one because the spanker that have tasted power becomes immoderately and may enjoin your spanking several times a day. Have happened one of those cases only once - refuse your spanker immediately, don't wait the situation become out of your control or your life may become a continuous nightmare.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The papers of Discipline

There are two types of documents that improve the efficiency of the spanking.

The calendar

It is very usefull for scheduled maintenance spanking and cumulative punishment. The seasonal or monthly time table has to be placed in the visible place for the girl and for other inhabitants of the home. It's very nice when everyone allowed to nurture the girl make their notes directly on the timetable thus allowing the disciplinarian to summarize all suggestions just befor the spanking. Notes on the timetable let the girl and others to suppose the hardness of the upcomming punishment. All unscheduled spankings have to be ticked in the table (both reason and hardness).

The filled up timetable is very cautionary and helps the girl obey the rules. The timetable shows an alteration of the girl's behaviour thus is usefull for discussion about possible changes in education process.

The calendar isn't top-secret document while available for looking through for everyone stopped by. It's more public than kneeling in the corner after (or before) the spanking cause it's visible all the time. Like so the timetable increases very much the segment of the shame.

The diary

This document is more confidential than the calendar while it's up for the girl and her disciplinarian. The diary may be filled out in free manner or in predesigned table depicting all girl's thoughts, moods, doubts, feelings, aches and hurts. The girl's thoughts about every of her emotion are very usefull for planning the spanking timetable, the hardness of the spanking, for selection the most proper implement, the number of hits and the area of spanking.

The diary may be filled out in parallel with the calendar. Comparing both documents lets to improve the discipline much more than studying only the one of them. I find the girl's reaction to mentor's notes on the calendar, I can make the correlation between measures applied and her endeavour trying to behave good. In other words I find the answers I'd never get just looking at the timetable or conversing with the girl about her behaviour and discipline. The girl doesn't realize herself what she really feels or she can't verbalize this. Me taking the detached view can find more or less expressed regularities.

The girl has no diary while she is filling empty pages. We both review her writing just before the spanking and pages filled out by the girl remains by me. I do this to prevent the girl look back and simply copy her earlier writings.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Crossing the Rubicon

I'm not the only woman that has got spanked by Witol for the first time in my life. I've been slapped by my parents for a couple of times as a kid but this is common for most people. The spanking of an adult is beyond compare with those customary slaps and smacks in childhood.

I've been confronted with my complete inability to be on time and to meet the deadlines. When living at parents home it's not a problem while starting a self-dependent life it comes as an unsolvable problem. This problem has been caused by some sleep disorder in my mom's opinion thus a visit to a herbalist (I've been 17) has been a matter-of-course. Witol has made a herbal blend specially for me. "This will help you to wake-up and fall asleep in time but not to be on time," - he says. Only the frequent stinging pain as a result of my inaccuracy can make me more prompt. A shock and a dead silence. I've had to make up my mind. Mommy too. Both of us have taken in what Witol has been talking about. The shock, the shame and the fear while it's not a game. Up to three months usually. What a horror!

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Why spanking? Can't I go without spanking? On bare and by the stranger? These are the most common questions usually probably. There are the same answers I think. Spanking really works, it's effective, it takes not so long time as other possible ways. The spanking isn't a coercive way, no one will spank without an agreement. It's not a matter of great urgency, have a think and make your decision later. We may start immediately when you are ready.

All thoughts are beyond description really, though words are simple and the only thing I've had to do is to pull my panties down.

I've made a decision and I've gone through this. There has been the shame, the fear, the hate, the obedience, the appreciation and much more various feelings. It has gone anyway and I've been ready to forget it although it comes back as something rather kind than ugly.

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I've realized suddenly that other people don't want let me forget about spanking. My parents have no excuses not to spank me when they think it's necessary. "I'm an adult", "I'm too old", "I can't bare my behind" and other excuses don't work anymore. I've been thrashed almost at every my visit to parents' home. They have been right in most cases while it has been a deserved thrashing.

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The thrashing itself isn't the worst thing even very hard thrashing when you're about 20. The much worse thing is letting other people get to know about it. Extending the knowledge about the spanking is widening the circle of potential spankers. Grandfather, some aunts and uncles are among them as well as my roommate, boyfriends and my husband finally.

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I can't remeber that moment when I've realized I'm in need of frequent spanking. It makes me feel safe and healthy. On the other hand I've got to know taht offering my bottom for spanking I can make some people feel much better and even pretty well. I'm not a submissive, I'm spanko. It's simply the part of my life. I'm almost 40 now and live together with my son, two daughters and husband. It has happenned so (have I mention this?) that my husband spanks me on a regular basis.