Monday, September 5, 2011

Unlocking the Fortune

An empty spanking from another point of view

An empty spanking is a common procedure helping to prevent a girl from misbehaving. It's used just before some key events in the girl's life. It may be tests, interviews, exams, meetings etc..

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This kind of spanking is provided without any preparation or after spanking activities so common for usual spanking procedures. So there are no discussion, corner time, penalties. Some women prefer to get this spanking with a cane over their dresses. The cane is probably the only implement that may be effectively applied this way.

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Experienced women take this spanking as a sort of talisman while it's associated with some happiness, fortune or success. I remember my mom asking for some cane strokes before the visit of daddy's parents. Visits of in-laws have been a kind of exam for her usually. Ten cane strokes under other circumstances is the part of a hard thrashing while when the same ten cane strokes a delivered during empty spanking they are taken as a ticket to success.

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It is possibly a superstition that empty spanking affects the fortune directly anyway this kind of the spanking is very tightly bound to a warranty that everything goes smoothly. I've been asking for the spanking before each visit to the doctor of mine or my daughters when they've been kids and I've been asking for some spanking before each business trip.

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Every stroke with the cane is burning hot so it makes the woman squeal in pain with any hit. Anyway experienced women and girls can take up to ten cane strokes without shedding a single tear. If the upcoming event is very important this pain is worth of it.

Property of Firm Hand Spanking

I've been asking my brother-in-law for ten cane strokes before each date with my present husband when we have been still friends. I can't say safely this caning has been decisive but are successfully married now.

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Not only the cane is suitable for empty spanking. The belt and the strap are very effective too.

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The strap or the belt are probably the best solution when no experienced disciplinarian can give this kind of farewell spanking. I prefer some softer implement when asking for beating my behind by novices.

Property of Girls boarding school

It has been last year in the school when the empty spanking has been applied for the first time to me. It could be the caning or the strapping depending on the importance of the upcoming test or exam.

Property of Girls boarding school

I've been getting a regular thrashing the same day in case of the unsatisfactory result of my test or exam.

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The empty spanking may be even softer. The slapping over the lap or belting in the morning are suitable when applied very often. I'm sure it has to be stinging and burning anyway.

Property of Girls boarding school

University exams are something special and exceptional while I've been caned before each of them and after if the grade hasn't been the higher one. It has been very painful but it has helped me to graduate the university magna cum laude.

Property of Young wife

I think before putting my clothes on maybe I need some spanking for fortune every time my panties are still off.