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I can't order my assistant to present herself for a spanking when it's not her duties in my office. They are free to accept or reject those requests while I try don't influence their decision.

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There are some people that like spanking but in the role of the spanker. Their wish to spank someone or sometimes a very special girl is similiar to a cases described by Eliza. Those people know that my order would tie the girl's freedom up. The other way to confine the girl - money. When the girl gives her bottom for spanking exclusively by her freewill and free she can stop her thrashing when she sees it becomes unacceptable.

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I don't remeber a case when it's been just a slapping. The rosy girl's bum gives an edge to the wish to spank more and harder.

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It may seem at the beginning of the bespoken thrashing that it's a sober spanking.

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Worse luck! Eliza and Ginte are experienced already the thrashing is hard and long. It may seem it's coming to the end but the spanker says just another few hits, then another few, later another few again. The thrashing lasts three-four hours usually.

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The result is always the same. There is no matter is the spanker experienced or not, is he or she using a belt or a cane, the girl's bottom becomes mauled.

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I want the girls to think again and again before they bend over and expose their bum for someone. Is this person so important in her life? Makes her thrashing this person to feel better? Will this spanking make relations with the spanker worse or better?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mastering an overflowing power

The situation of the power owerflow may be outwardly similiar to the one described in my previous post but it has significant differencies. It is more under the influence of external factors rather than as an expression of inner state. But the problem remains very similiar to obsession while after reaching some critical level of the power the person becomes inadequate. The situation is more common than described priviously though it's not full-scale. The power overflow is very similiar to a Siphon.

One may say it's his problem but why not to help if he isn't indifferent for me? As I've mentioned the person becomes inadequate so he may ruine the own life or life of someone nearby him. He don't know what happens with him and after he has expressed a surplus power everything goes as previously again. Some inanimate object could be an ideal solution for absorbing such power but those people need a close contact with other people when they are enpowered. They need not a simple contact or other people to be with them while they need other people to take their overflowing power. It's offensive language sometimes but an concomitant violence and brawling is more common.

The offensive language shows the situation of overlowed power coming. So there is no problem to notice it and prevent of the overflow offering myself as an absorber of that power. When the overflow is spontaneous the unruled violence is most possible while me taking a command makes this process more manageable. I can't avoid it but I can change the violence into my thrashing. It's not so terribly as it may seem at first sight. The overflowing power isn't an obsession and it consists of one-two spankings usually. Every spanking is painful but it helps to prevent a distress.

The power overflow happens almost regularly from one time in three monthes to one time in a couple of years. The regularity depends on steps the person is taking to change himself and avoid such overflow. Three-four monthes is the most presumptive interval for overflow to recur.

I offer myself when the person doesn't know how to suppress his power overflow but later he knows the receip and has recurrence to me when needed. The persons affected by power overflow are presented by men and women equally. Women ask me to help them more often than men. How make them have no scruple when offering the help. I say that's not the first time for me and I know what's coming. The second thing I want them to know that they avoid mess in their family, at work and in public. The third thing (and probably the most important) is that I want them to have an alternative to the violence no matter where that violence may take place.

The overflow isn't an obsession so scenario of the thrashing isn't so important. The goal of the process is to make me feel a pain. The level of the pain is expressed by my reaction to it (scream, tears, begging for mercy) and marks on my body. Clear and visible marks are very important so I offer a light cane instead the more common belt. The spanking lasts an hour when the belt is used what makes me squeal and results in dark blue buttocks and legs though it's not completed usually and is followed by a hourly straping after some break. The caning includes 20-30 hits in one approach and up to six-eight such approaches. I tray to arrange my thrashing as an intro strapping for thirty-forty minutes and the caning in several approaches what results in very clear marks and my natural tears and squeal.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Taming the monster

I've mentioned in my interview about offering myself for someone looking for to spank me. Some people get into situation when their power exceeds all possible limits. If this happens often then the man or the lady joins the BDSM community and solves their problems in the group helping themselves and others. Sometimes it's just a single case and the overall BDSM activity isn't suited for such persons or even most BDSM practices are disgusting for them. But such person knows about spanking and believes it's exactly what he or she needs. I don't know what causes such obsession but I know that after spanking most of those people are the same as before.

What I've got to know about these fantasies and obsessions? I know these problems are concerned with psychology. People ask their psychologists what they have to do. I have asked some acquainted me psychologists what's the answer. The answer is one - if the obsession doesn't include something illegal - try it. When the person doesn't try the obsession remains the fantasy projected to a real life and people in it resulting in something completely not predicted and not acceptable. After the person realizes their obsession it becomes experience, not fantasy, and projection is to the past while present and future remain clear and other people safe.

Why me? My calling is to help people, according to this calling I'm the nurse. I can take exceeding power while other girls don't. I get into nightmare usually but this is the price of my vocation.

It's very hard to make a right decision. I understand I can't expect the ordinary spanking. It's something exceptional play and I'm a second actor in it. It may take day or two or three. I have prepare myself, e.g. buy some lotion for treatment of welts and buy soothing pills. Nobody uses soothing pills for ordinary spanking or punishment while this deform results. But this case is exceptional and I can't imagine how too bear such thrashing without pills.

And again. I can't know about real reason when spanked by the man while it may be his sexual fantasy and offering him a close contact at the beginning to resolve his worries is a great mistake. I don't interrupt the process when I see it's a sexual fantasy while it's no less painful for him as other obsession but I have to be more careful. I succeeded to avoid a real sex, while tactile vaginal intrusion and oral contacts are common. There is a common rule of such play that someone has to drop in and check the situation especially when the spanker is the man.

The play consists of separate spankings various by their duration, strength, implement, position etc. Each spanking has it's foreplay and ending. All spankings are bound by the background which is really the essence of the fantasy. The most common are "The education of the naughty teenager", "Punishment of Jezebel", "Correction or reformatory of a young woman". Men spank a little harder usually but they don't talk so much. So the play flows in silence interrupted by smacks of the belt or the cane and my moans. If the man likes to talk during spanking he talks about something sideline not spanking related usually.

Women build a complicated play while men simply spank. So men are over in one night or in one night and day. Women try to actualize everything they know about spanking and everything related with the spanking. To keep in step with the woman is very difficult while the scenario is unknown for herself too and she comes to the next step by accident. The woman's play lasts two or three days.

The play may include numerous spanking related activities: spanking palms and soles, standing or kneeling in the corner, writing lines or dictation, self-spanking, mouth soaping, enema, anal or vaginal fixation. Every of them may be acceptable when used alone but if they are used all and in one day - it's a real torture.

Some problems may occure when spanking buttocks opened wide or area around the perineum. The vulva opens slightly after few hits showing labia minor which are usually wet. The spanker takes it as a sexual excitment caused by the spanking what isn't true.

There are some things not experienced spankers don't know. When the pain is really unbearable the sphincter releases per se. That is - the self-urination and the self-flow of excrement may happen. The only way to prevent this is restricting the meal and drink the same day and day before. On the other hand a dehydration may take place caused by perspiration and as a consequence occures a deficit in magnesium what may result in convulsion.

So what it is?

One woman's fantasy has been a "Punishment book" I've retained for myself.

Coming homeBottomBelt6017.30
Grasping a handPalmsBelt2017.40
Moving while kneelingThighsBelt2018.20
Squirming during writingSolesBelt2019.20
Line writing mistakesBottomBelt4019.30
Moving while kneelingThighsBelt2020.50
Grasping a handPalmsCane66.40
Beginning of the dayBottomBelt407.30
Moving while kneelingThighsBelt208.10
Dictation mistakesBottomCane2010.00
Moving while kneelingThighsCane1010.20
Fooling aroundBottomCane2012.40
Hands on bottomBottomBelt4013.10
Squirming during lunchThighs front-sideBelt4015.30
Urination in the cornerThighsCane2015.50
Sluggish doing choresCalvesCane1016.40
Squirming during writingSolesBelt3017.50
Line writing mistakesBottomBelt2018.00
Review of the dayBottom, thighsCane4019.30
Grasping a handPalmsCane1020.10
Moving while kneelingSolesCane1020.40
Beginning of the dayBottomBelt407.20
Thank youBottom, thighsCane208.00
Note. "Doorway" is the inner- and front-side of thighs around vulva.

She is an exceptionally soft and reverential young woman and we are friends still. I have keep in mind that I'm not an addressee of the obsession while I just take it's power liberating the obsessed person from the inner monster.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The flow of time

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A little of nostalgia for old times. I wasn't alone in my class that was spanked by parents frequently. So dropping in to my classmate I could find her with a rosy bottom waiting for another portion of domestic education as well as coming home from school I could find mom in the kitchen after her discussion with dad.

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I parallel nowadays with my experience. It's circa thirty-forty years. When I was realy naughty the punishment was realy hard and clear marks were visible more than one or two weeks. The girl is sure she has got a real thrashing in nowadays while her bottom remains rosy to the next morning.

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The nuts and bolts of wellbeing in the family is the regular spanking for wives and daughters. Someone may not agree with such statement but it's true or to be more exactly my experience of life proves this. I was spanked every week by dad and later by husband, my granny was spanked by grandfather. Everything in the family was o.k. till the spanking was carried out regularly.

Family Spanking

I don't know what's happened 25 years ago. I've noticed and other girls too that men have slacked. "I'm tired" and instead of moderate thrashing I was getting just few slaps and what was the worst that sometimes I wasn't spanked at all though I was ready. I was begging for mercy few years earlier "No, please. I'll be good I swear, it was a very last time" and next I had to beg to spank me the same way.

I was left for myself. And not only me. I could see other young but lonely ladies that will never be spanked by their men. I didn't see a way to help me and them.

I've bought a belt and measured it to my bottom and I've realised suddenly that there is no man to apply this belt accross my bum. So what's the way out? Maybe modern technologies?..


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The first interview with Eliza

Just got inspired by Eliza's post. I'd begun to collect all available info regarding various aspects of spanking more than 30 years ago while I'd noticed some interest by my clients/patients. Interviews were the way to collect all necessary info. The first person I'd interviewed was my sis Eliza. There were some interviews with her later too, but the first is probably the most interesting.

May 13, 1983. My office.

Q.: To be sure we talk about real thing, when it has been a last time you've got spanked?

A.: Two weeks ago, since I get it no less than once a week usually.

Q.: You say once a week. What is the reason to spank you?

A.: Usually? There is no definite reason usually. It's a matter of routine with some exceptions sometimes.

Q.: If it's a routine so what it is based on? Discipline, erotica, state of health or something else?

A.: I'd rather say correction while it includes all of mentioned by you.

Q.: Punishment?..

A.: No. Not a punishment. I'm twenty five, I'm married so what punishment we can talk about? Correction fits the best. Or may be the words mommies say to their spanked daughters.

Q.: "It's for your own good"?

A.: Exactly. I feel better after the spanking.

Q.: I remember the time when it hasn't been the truth. What or who has made you to change your mind?

A.: I don't know when it happened exactly. The granny was the first person that said all girls need frequent spanking and smart girls accept and enjoy what they need. Aunt Justine and mommy set a good example of the acceptance. But it wasn't a reason that had changed my mind. I guess Anton. And Max of course. To be more exact I'd tried to accept my discipline by parents and you but the spanking was too hard to be acceptable usually but I was happy to get smacks over grannys lap instead. I think the question is not about overall acceptance but about the hardness I can take without losing a selfcontrol. The level of hardness has increased from the smacking with a hand to the thrashing with a bamboo cane. I can't accept any spanking anytime anyway.

Q.: Well. About correction. What about an expression "You deserve it"?

A.: I think the correcton isn't the same as the punishment but "You deserve it" isn't the part only of the punishment. I may deserve it positively trying to get the spanking I want and from the person I want. Or I can deserve it negatively as the result of my bad manners.

Q.: But you say you're twenty five so how can you deserve the spanking negatively?

A.: When I deserve the spanking for something bad I get it more than once. Let say it's a continuous correction.

Q.: I understand your answers this way: you don't like the word "punishment" while "correction" is o.k.

A.: Maybe...

Q.: You say you enjoy the spanking so what spanking has to be applied to make it corrective?

A.: I'm strapped usually or caned sometimes. When the spanking isn't the correction I get up to twenty hits with a belt or five hits with a cane otherwise I get more and more than once a week.

Q.: Who can give you a corrective spanking?

A.: Max. His mom. Our mommy. And you of course.

Q.: And not corrective spanking?

A.: I guess anybody.

Q.: Are there some persons you prefer to be spanked by?

A.: Sure. Max, you, aunt Justine, your God-father.

Q.: You havn't mentioned our mommy. Why?

A.: She doesn't like to spank.

Q.: Do you enjoy the pain?

A.: No, I don't. Spanking isn't just the pain. I foreknow your next question. So I'm not submissive, believe me.

Q.: I know. You've said your last spanking has been two weeks ago. Do you want me to spank you now?

A.: Sure I do.

Forty minutes later.

Q.: Few questions regarding this spanking. It's not the correction and you kneel facing the wall after the spanking. Why?

A.: Let say it's a part of a ritual.

Q.: Most women wear pantyhose and you wear stockings. Is this related with the spanking?

A.: Yes, it is. I may put no panties on after the spanking when wearing stockings what prevents the bottom from itching. On the other hand for most men a view of the woman in stockings is more exciting rather than in pantyhose.

Q.: You have said previously that non corective spanking is twenty hits with a belt usually. I've delivered you seventy hits. Why you don't object against me after the twentieth hit?

A.: I never complain the spanker's decision to spank me more than I've expected. There may be a reason I don't know. I believe in my spanker.

Q.: What ground is of your trust to the spanker?

A.: There is no other way. I'm in position barebottomed and moaning while spanker has the belt or the cane in his hand. I simply can't make it plain to him my objections. If he isn't right he makes excuses afterwards and if I'm not right I deserve additional spanking for interrupting him. On the other hand when I'm in position barebottomed I'm exposed not only for the spanking and my believe in a man is the essential condition to stay in such position.

Q.: What is the most presumptive reaction of your husband about this spanking? Will he punish you for letting someone else not him to spank you?

A.: I'm a passive part in spanking so he asks usually what's the reason and sometimes spanks me more if he is sure I deserve more than I've got.

Q.: We have discussed your needs. What about someone that needs or looks for spanking you?

A.: Just a few times. I give my behind usually though I expect it to be more brutal and painful than ever before. I wasn't right just once when Anton gave me few smacks over his lap.

Q.: That's enough for today. Thank you. And don't forget to put your skirt on before leaving the office.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Take it for me

It happened just after the first New Year I'd spent not at parent's home. It was in January 1977. Me and another girl (her name was Liz as mine) were lodged at my mom's studies mate Veronica.

My parents had given me a freedom for decision regarding my discipline after I'd entered the medic school. "You are almost an adult and you may decide need you the spanking or not," - they said. I was sure I didn't need it and I'd spent four months without a single slap. After the first term-time exams I wasn't so sure about the need of spanking though I hadn't asked for it. My parents didn't mind my decision again: "You're in charge of your future yourself," - mommy said.

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I was taken aback Veronica announcing one day after I'd come home from school: "Your mom has called me. She wants me to spank you at least once a week. She says you know why. Just remember results of your exams." I had never demurred to my spanking and I'd said nothing this time too. "I guess Saturday morning as a matter of routine is the best time for your discipline," - she said. I had never made the secret about my regular spanking at home by parents and brother and Veronica knew I'd been spanked every Saturday.

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"I'm sure it was my mom's call not yours," - my room mate said after we were alone. "Please, take it for me. I'm terribly nervous. Please." She was begging me with tears in her eyes. She was really white about the gills.

I had to make decision. Spanking wasn't a pleasure sure. But there was no matter to panic anyway. May be it was a chance to get the spanking I'd needed but felt embarrassed to ask for. So Liz and me had made a bargain to let the events run and say nothing to Veronica and our parents.

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The spanking wasn't hard. I'd rather said Veronica was slapping me not thrashing. The things had changed substantially about a month later when Veronica had offered her son to spank me. Anton was a four years elder young man. I'd been spanked by my brother the last year at school so I'd suspected my spankings become a really hard thrashings. But not this was a problem. To be spanked by a woman in age of my mother is one thing and by the young man just another. Veronica was savvy enough to assist her son during first spanking. Anton had seen me in the corner with bare rosy behind sure but it was beyond all comparison of bending in front of him for the strapping. But like cures like anyway and after the forty hits tears were flowing and there was no thought about the shame. Just the first spanking was so hard. Anton was giving me twenty strokes with his folded belt usually.

I could stay clear-headed when the spanking was not too hard and I had noticed Anton was excited by my nudity and not only by it. I was excited too and not only by getting spanked by him sure. He had invited me to few parties with his friends and I'd met Max. The fact was that Max and me married eight monthes later. Max knew everything about me a month after our acquaintance and he was spanking me instead of Anton another month later.

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I'd found another side of spanking with Max. Even when I was spanked to help me in my studies or when I was punished some erotic elements were present. I was married for thirty one years and only few monthes during my pregnancy there were no weekly spankings. I had no regrets about getting spanked again and again.

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And what about another Liz? She is happy with no spanking in her life.