Friday, April 30, 2010

Spanking the Palm

Spanking a palm isn't a separate treatment usually. It is used as an introduction to more severe treatment helping the girl to keep hands apart from the spanked area. Or it's used as a correction of girls behaviour during the spanking sometimes.

Palm spanking - Found on Spanked Cute

Palm spanking requires the girl to show more determination than any other way of spanking - she has to extend her hands offering them for a portion of pain. She can see the face of the spanker and the implement landing on her palm. This makes palm spanking more intimate than any other common spanking. This face-to-face intimacy is another matter than the body-to-body intimacy of over the knee spanking.

Palm spanking - Found on Her first punishment

Palm spanking as a separate treatment is used the same day as planned punishment sometimes. Sting on palms works very well as a reminder to focus on upcomming event. The pain lasts up to few hours if the belt is used or even longer if the light cane is used instead.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Training Spanking

I found some spankos using "training" for regular spanking. It deals with spanking sometimes sure. But I guess training is a complex of measures to achieve one goal. Usualy it's used to make a girl punctual, to help her keep to a diet or to quit bad habit. It's simple cause it's simple to conform a spanking to attainment.

The main thing is every time reviewing results and achievments of the training do not leave a girl without the basic spanking. The basic spanking may be a symbolic two or three strokes with a cane or up to ten strokes with a strap. The purpose of the basic spanking is to make the girl to prepare herself for the spanking avoiding the idea of mercy or pardon. On the other hand the training is carried out on daily basis usualy so a sting of few strokes isn't symbolic few days later and makes the girl to try harder and harder day by day.
The measures may be different each time. I've used one cane stroke for each minute late up to fourty strokes for one hour late. In much the same way the girls have got two strokes for each cigarette when quitting smoking or one stroke for every 30 kcal above the quota when they are on diet.
It's a savage treatment especialy the first week. But it is effective. No matter is the girl spanko or vanilla - six weeks of such training is more than enough.
Found on Domestic Discipline

The main imperfection of such training is it's complicated integration into education or discipline process with spanking involved.

Few cane strokes but given everyday result in steady pain and in visible marks, sometimes even bruises.

This pain is passport to success for a girl in her way changing her manners and habits.

Found on Girls boarding school

Friday, April 16, 2010

Low budget spanking

Have you ever thought how expensive a spanking is? Paddles, straps, tawses, canes... It's very expensive business if ordering all those implements at speacial stores.

Is there a correlation between effectiveness of the spanking and the price of the implement? Are there substitutes for most known implements such as cane, strap, tawse, paddle or riding crop?
Some of them don't need any substitutes cause they are common and everyone can buy them in regular store. I'm talking about the belt, slipper and hairbrush.

A traditional cane
Found on Never too old

What about the cane? Both the top and the bottom agree that the rattan cane is the very specific implement. When someone decides to use the rattan cane they have to keep in mind that at least a dozen of canes for every girl are needed. Though the canes are flexible they do break. On the other hand the cane can't be the only implement fo spanking - the strap or the belt is very useful even for the girl caned on regular basis. So why not to use bamboo canes instead of rattan ones?

The bamboo cane - Found on Caning Photo Album

The main benefit is the price. Bamboo poles (set of 25 pcs) one can get for less than $15. For the price of one rattan cane. And no need of the order by post. One can find bamboo poles at every gardeners supply store.