Friday, October 29, 2010

Spanking Positions - Legs-up

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The girl raises her legs up while lying on the back. Such a simple move brings into this special position.

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The girl in this position presents for spanking lower third of her butts and upper part of her thighs with a clear visible vagina in the middle of this continuous spanking area. The skin is tensioned more than at usual bent-over positions so the spanker needs less force for stinging result. Visually soft strapping results in moderate pain while the use of the light cane brings almost any girl to tears.

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This position isn't comfortable for the girl especially during harder punishment spanking. When two girls are spanked simultaneously one girl may help keep legs up of other girl and after simply change places.

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The assistance for this kind of spanking is desirable. The assistant may not only keep the girl in the desired position but also change it slightly when needed. Straightening the legs results in tighter skin and eventually in more sting. Spreading the legs just a little opens the area around the vagina.

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Almost all girls even those experienced in spanking when put in this position are shocked after the fist hit. They realise that their fanny is exposed in full and can't be covered, they feel the sting that is never felt before.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Discipline Spanking (2)


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No matter what kind of spanking is growing into disciplinary treatment the girl intuits that it's the punishment.

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The girls after the training or after the therapy have the fear to undress waist down gone by. Their experience in getting spanked is taken for their freewill to get spanked by their spankers and future disciplinarians.

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The first sort of the punishment in the discipline's evolution is the spanking at very instant exactly in the place where the girl has made her offence. An inexperienced disciplinarians spank the girls in a fit of spleen thus the punishment isn't adequate to the offence and it can't be effective and didactic.

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The next step in discipline evolution is the punishment same day at home. The girl is positioned the way more suitable for spanking and the spanking itself is already measured sometimes and more adequate to the offence made. Spanking at home has evene more benefits. The disciplinarian has enough time as well as the place is suited for the discussion about the offence and about the deserved punishment. The girl can stand in the corner and muse over her behaviour waiting for the upcoming spanking. The spanking may be performed with a proper strap or cane not with the first long thing that has come to hand. The girl stands in the corner afterwards and takes her punishment in. Corner time may be shameful for any girl even for the girl that has no fear to stay bottomless when needed while standing in the corner messages about the punishment.

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Spanking at home not only gives more time for the girl to muse over her behaviour and payment but also for the disciplinarian to separate offences and corresponding treatments out according to their severity varying the position, implement, hardness etc.

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The same day spankings may happen few times a week especially after some rules of behaviour for the girl are set and there are many minor offences included. For the punishment to be really effective it can't be performed in a haste. The time is needed to discuss the girl's offences and for her standing in the corner and waiting for the spanking. Then the spanking has to be performed with very clear every hit letting the girl to take the pain in full. The time is needed for the afterwards corner time to let the girl to muse her punishment over once again. If the disciplinarian is really concerned about improvemnt of the girl's manners he comes to regular scheduled accumulative spankings once or twice a week. Regular scheduled accumulative spankings allow include such improvements as diary and wall-calendar making the discipline open for everyone in the houshold.

It takes no more than one year usually for the discipline to evolve to regular treatment with the fixed part of maintenance spanking. It's a long time so I try to explain the ways of proper discipline for the girl and her spankers before the training or therapy is grown into the discipline.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Discipline Spanking (1)


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The spanking isn't definitely a discipline. The disciplinary spanking is rather very seldom in nowadays. Discipline of young ladies isn't just follow-up of their domestic discipline anymore. Discipline especially the spanking discipline isn't obligatory and a lot of people grow up without it. On the other hand the sapnking doesn't warrant a prosperity. However the spanking can be very helpful for solving some problems and for achieving some goals.

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The only sort of spanking with some touch of discipline I offer for some girls is the training. With very clear start as well as very clear termination after achievement of intended goal the training may grow into discipline only when it's performed by parents or after the girl accepts the spanking as the way to solve some more her imperfections. It will be observed that training is meant for young girls (17-26 y.o.) as a rule and they are in subjection to their parents and mentors still. The main peculiarity of training is it's suitability to solve just one very clear and well rateable habit. Dealing with more imperfections or with habits that can't be rated clear the training grows into ordinary disciplinary treatment. I try to make training not a part of family life thus ensuring it's success. After the training is finished successfully the girl and her mentors have right to proceed with discipline at their discretion.

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The therapy spanking is offered more often than training. This spanking is pure non punitive and it's meant for 24 y.o. girls and elder ladies. Unfortunately this kind of spanking outwardly is very similiar to corporal punishment. It's very hard and frequent at initial stages and grows into weekly moderate treatments later. Elements of shame, afterwards rest similiar to the corner time, possible tears and instinctive begging for mercy make this spanking almost the same as disciplinary one. On the other hand due to it's hardness it is performed at home usually and as a consequence by someone from the household: parents, husband, boyfriend, roommate, sibling etc.

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Therapy spanking is long-lasting up to one year and there is a need to repeat it again very often so some people apply the disciplinary elements just in excuse of this spanking.

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Most girls go at therapy spanking with spirit in the begining while later they lower their panties and get into position under constraint only. Acting this way they make their spankers to get into disciplinarians.

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The next step in therapy development into discipline is applying penalties during spanking. Thus the girl's palm is spanked for struggle or the count of hits is doubled or trippled as a penalty for skipping the scheduled treatment.

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The last step in growing the therapy into discipline is the corner time instead of the rest after the spanking is complete.

The discipline as a primary treatment I offer only for the girls I know for a long time after I ensure the spanking would be really helpful for them.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Shared Spanking

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When girls are spanked simultaneously there is a good occasion to evaluate and deliver the part of shared spanking. I separate out shared spankings according to the girl's interest and implication.

1. All fellow offenders get the extra shared part of the spanking.
2. The girl in charge gets additional spanking equal (or appointed) to one delivered to the girl under her control.
3. The girl assummes the part of forthcoming responsibility of another girl and gets an adequate part of the emty (or motivatonal) spanking.

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Punishment for participating in the offence is the most common situation for shared spanking. I assume always that offending in the pair is the bigger offence than doing it alone and for common action the girls get what they deserve for the same offence plus some extra portion of spanking. I give 1/2 of the appointed punishment if there are two girls, 2/3 - three girls, 3/4 - four girls etc. Or, what is the simpliest way, simply double the punishment for that offence.

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Another situation of shared spanking is the disciplined caretaker. The caretaker have the right to discipline the younger girl for getting some specific result. If the required standard isn't reached the girl gets the spanking sure. The caretaker is responsible for this result too so it would be fair giving her the same spanking. This method helps both girls to work as a team.

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The caretaker's punishment depend's on the responsibility level. When the girl in charge is responsible only for some part of the education she can't be punished for overall poor results.

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The last situation when the spanking could be shared between several girls is when the girl on the ouside volunteers to take the part of the empty spanking or the part of the motivation. There are two stringent conditions: the volunteer has to live or stay together with the spanked girl and the volunteer gets usually no empty spanking or motivation. This is the situation when the shared part is subtracted from the main spanking and delivered to the volunteer lady friend.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Simultaneous Spanking

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Two or even three girls of similar age at home isn't the rarity. What is the fair play when talking about need to spank one of them. The therapy spanking and training don't count while each of them is intended to be strictly individual treatment. Though it will be observed that very often both therapy spanking and training grow into disciplinary spankings. It would be pure iniquity when one girl is disciplined and another of similar age or even much younger not disciplined. When therapy spanking is set precedent for disciplinary treatment it can't be tied in only with the already spanked girl while it's a case for spanking other girls too. Disciplinary agreement stays individual in any case except that when one girl is disciplined other girls have be disciplined too.

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Are there two or three girls at home they might be disciplined each one separately or all together simultaneously. Individual discipline treatment is reasonable when age difference is more than just few years or when the girls have opposite interests. Otherwise the simultaneous discipline is more than welcome.

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One will find benefits of simultaneous discipline just after the girls pull their panties down. The girls with common interests and spending much time together may reveal some offences of each other during discussion and this makes the discipline more complete and perfect. When the spanker makes the discussion a real teamwork it facilitates finding the real reason of some offences. It may be not very important for that particular spanking but it's significant for improvement of the girl's behaviour and manners.

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Each girl may be charged to perform some not very important parts of spanking. When warm-up is common in spanking practice it has to be delivered by another girl not by the spanker. It's a trick helping the girls become active participants of their discipline while slapping each other.

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The girl being not spanked at the moment may be very useful helping another girl to stay in position especially when hard strokes are delivered.

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Some spankers want the girl not spanked at the moment to stand or kneel facing the wall and wait for her turn. In my opinion the not spanked girl watching other girl getting her bottom thrashed and especially moment of impact is much better approach. The girl participating in the discipline isn't an indifferent ouside observer. She conforms every hit and every quiver of flesh to herself. She sees herself getting spanked while starring at the another girl's bottom.

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