Friday, November 19, 2010

Make your spanking work

Something special for every girl

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I've assumed in previous posts that the spanking leads to the set goals without a problem. Though it happens very often that the goal of the spanking isn't achieved no matter what kind of spanking (discipline or therapy) is applied. So you need something extra to make the spanking work for the particular girl. What kind of special technique is needed you've to decide yourself while some girls need more pain others need more shame and some of them need a little more fear.

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It may seem that simply the harder spanking may be the universal solution for inproper discipline and not efficient therapy. This ir right but there some other ways to make the spanking work and I use the harder spanking as the dernier resort after all other techniques are insuficient. On the other hand I think the spanking should be corelated to the girls feeling or to her behaviour and extreme spanking doesn't conform this rule.

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When talking about an extra pain I offer the not butts spanking in the first place usually. The spanker may use the common spanking implement for spanking legs, their back or front sides, or as the special approach the inner side of thighs. The skin on legs is more delicate than it's on butts and the strokes of the same forxe will produce much more pain and longer lasting welts.

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Switching from the usual spanking implement to a harder one seems to be the softer way to make the spanking harder. It hurts more but it results in deeper and longer lasting bruises. I use switching from the belt to the cane for several treatments or just for a single spanking usually.

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Making the treatment more shameful results in higher spanking efficiency often. This is true not only for the discipline but for therapy too if the shame doesn't becomes a obsession. The first thing making the girl to feel the shame is making her to undress waist down not only for the spanking but for some longer period of time sometimes for the whole punishment day. There are some girls that pay no special attention to their nudity especially when they are at home alone or when this approach is used often. Anyway some few first times of making her undress waist down are highly efficient.

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A little more shamefull is not the simply staying bottomless but waiting for her spanking bottomless similiar to the standing in the corner. It may be turned into the corner time or into the kneeling in the corner and waiting for the upcoming spanking.

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The witnessed spanking is probably the most efficient technique making the spanking more shameful. There is no matter who is the bystander.

Making the spanking open to public is probably the last thing the spanker would make trying to make the spanking more shameful. Anyway it's the only way to make the spanking really shameful for some girls.

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What way to use? What way would be the most efficient? Simply listen what the girl says during and after the spanking. They usually say what is most terrible in the spanking for them and the spanker has simply give his attention to the words of the girl.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Symmetric spanking marks

Not only aesthetics

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Spanking marks are not only very important shame element they also show the the mastery of spanking technique. On the other hand they rule the way of forthcoming spanking.

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Hard spanking may result in peculiar marks. When this spanking isn't the part of the regular consequent discipline or therapy process no one pay a special attention to the promiscuity of spanking marks.

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For weekly or more frequent spanking asymmetric marks are simply beyond the pale. The girl's right butt is usually spanked more by unskilful right handed spanker (or left butt - by left handed spanker eventually). Even when no marks are visible to the next spanking the regular overdosage over one butt leads to the enduring reluctant sores and as the result to interruption or even termination of discipline or therapy.

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So what's a solution? Practice makes perfect. The spanking has to be symmetric starting with a warm-up. It's very simply. Spank one butt then another just from one side and don't try to cover both butts at once. The result has to be a solid rosy colour of both butts.

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For better result an unexpirienced spanker has to lay the girl down having an access to her bottom both from left and right sides. When the girl lays straight face down there is no different from what side is the spanker so switching sides not a hand results in even spanking marks.

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After main spanker's hand is skilled perfectly there is a time to try another hand. There are some difficulties sure so the practice is very important. The freewill girl would be of assistance for the spanker.

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It's very important to start the drills for the another hand with light implements even with the girl's leave. It may seem a pushover though the unskilled hand is simply unamenable usually and there is a long way to the two handed mastership.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Motivation spanking

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It's an advanced high-end technique. The motivation spanking is misconceived sometimes as a kind of empty spanking. The empty spanking is similar to motivation one sure but there are some underlying differences.
1. The empty spanking is spanning only very short period of time usually no more than a week while motivation spanking covers several monthes up to one year (or even more).
2. The empty spanking is reflection of possible offences during the mentioned period of time while motivation spanking deals with a raised goal and the time needed for achievement of this goal.
3. The empty spanking is ranked very clear usually and it's intensity doesn't exceed twenty cane strokes usually while motivation spanking is rather comparable with a punishment day and totals in one husndred or more cane strokes.

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Another difference to other spanking techniques is that motivation spanking is supposed to be freewill. If the girl refuses to take the motivation spanking it would be pointless to motivate the girl this way. Voluntary basis causes that grown-up girls and mature ladies take the motivation spanking. It's an event so girls and their spankers prepare theirselves for it.

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The girl discusses the cane or other implement for her spanking at ease what's caused by her freewill choice. Another moment making the motivation spanking the very special technique is possibility by one or more other girls to share the intended spanking. Taking the part of appointed spanking is acceptable for empty spanking too. Anyway the girls share the possible punishment when sharing the empty spanking and the shared part of the empty spanking is five to ten cane strokes while the shared part can reach fifty or even more cane strokes when talking about motivation spanking.

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The girl isn't spanked at one go what makes the motivation spanking similiar to the punishment day and makes the day of the motivation the remarkable event.

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Hugs and kisses are very common during the motivation spanking. Spanking itself is very sensual and the longlasting intense motivation one is even more sensual. Probably the sensuality of this spanking emboldens some girls to share it after the first or second caning.

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The girl's bottom is covered with dark stripes and welts usually after the motivation. Most girls cry and squeal during the spanking but the overall atmosphere is exalted.

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I don't know the girl that's unhappy with her choice to take the motivation spanking or just share the part of it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Spanking atmosphere

Goodwill vs. Malice

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There are some stress elements needed for a successful spanking treatment though the ruling feel has to be well-meant. The girl feels the shame, the pain and many more negative senses but self-determined girl is well-disposed to her spanking anyway.

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When the spanker takes it easy starting from the talk with the girl everything goes smoothly. The girl pulls her panties down without a struggle and the discussion is constructive and passes without ruffle or excitement.

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The initial warm-up spanking is very important. The spanker calms the girl down when he warmes the girl's bottom gently without unneeded sharp strokes.

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Anyway malice seems to be the only feeling helping the spanker to hurt the girl he loves. The spanker's situation seems to be invidious. Roughness and rudeness make the spanker to see the girl full of vices. The girl feels the hostility to the spanker not to her bad manners too. This is dead-end way.

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Both the spanker and the girl need to personalize the girl's bad manners and habits and seek to reform them. The teamwork is more efficient. The obligation falls on the spanker foremost while the girl is reliant on him. One spanker's hand shows the girl a support while another makes her squeal in pain.

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When suited terms have steadied the spanking becomes most effective no matter what the goal is set. Well wishing spanker can spank any girls and the suitably minded girl may accept the spanking from any other spanking with no problems.