Thursday, June 23, 2011

A wishlist

Just a wishlist of books I'd like to have

Spanking for Dummies

Discipline Spanking Reference Book

Everything you always wanted to know about spanking but were afraid to ask

Spanking at Home Pocket Guide

Discipline management Reference Book

Handbook of Advanced Spanking Techniques

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Regular Spanking (4)

The Family

So as a single young woman I've moved to my elder sister's family home in the year 1967. I'm not an intruder. Both my sis and her husband have invited me. My sis is almost ten years elder so her kids (Witol, Eliza and Ruth) have been 10, 8 and 7 already when I've moved to them. I've been sure to stay at sis home for month or two. The life has corrected my plans and I've staid for eight years.

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And what about spanking. My sis has been spanked by her husband on every Saturday. It wasn't a secret for kids but she was spanked in a bathroom or in the bedroom behind the closed door. Witol confessed me he had seen his mom kneeling in the corner after the thrashing few times.

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I was much younger and my sis was treating me not as the sister rather than a grown up daughter though I was 23. It's a common thing to stay barebottomed in the dining-room or in the kitchen at parent's home no matter how old I am and a great difference to get in the similiar situation when sister's kids observe me waiting for the discipline, getting the spanking and kneeling in the corner. Kids were slapped by mom or dad sometimes but those slaps are in no comparision to the thrashing I was getting and the ritual of the domestic discipline I had to undergo.

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I haven't spanked the last two years of my studies and at sis home my discipline and frequent spanking have started immediately. The rules were slightly different than at parents' home. I had to report my every offence the same day and it was likely to be punished not waiting for the Saturday night. I was used to decide myself what spanking was needed when spanked by mom while there some rigorous rules were set without asking my opinion. I was spanked almost daily the first month but I was a smart girl and I learned to obey the rules very quickly.

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And again. Why spanking? I was safe. The spanking makes me feel safe. Someone takes responsibility for my mistakes. I get the spanking and I'm done. Forever. What else? It's a perfect way of correction. Almost everyone wants to make some corrections in their life and I've got the way to do this. It's really helpfull. What about pain? It hurts and stings. The pain is sometimes terrible making me squeal and shout "I'll be good! I promise! It was the very last time!" etc. My tears just prove that the way of correction is right, it makes me put all efforts to change myself. Was I the only young woman in need of spanking? Rather no while I've met some woman that confessed me they prefer to get spanked instead of twits. They were sure the spanking does better than any twit at home or fine at work.

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What about the shame? Just the first time is shamefull while further it becomes a rule. The shame works along with the spanking when that first time isn't in the past yet. I was afraid my friends to get to know about my spanking and I could discuss with them my discipline after some of them had caught me in the action of my thrashing at home. I was afraid my boss to get to know but I got on the right side of him after he had got to know me being disciplined. I was afraid Witol and his sisters to be involved in my spanking but after the first time Witol had spanked me it had become a rule. I rather thank my stars for all those opportunities and novelties.

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I've met my man when I was thirty and I'd left my sister's home a year later. I was an example for Witol and his sisters that the frequent spanking makes a woman feel good. I think it's a great tool when used the right way. It helps to solve numerous problems in the life both of women and men both getting and delivering the spanking.