Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tools for Spanking (2)

The Hand (5)

The main benefit of the hand spanking is the possibility to apply it very often, sometimes more than once a day.

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One may use the hand spanking as a very frequent mild but shameful enough treatment of the naughty girl especially when the spanking is performed not in the privacy. This way of the discipline is used in the same place where the girl is kneeling or standing after the spanking usually letting other inhabitants of the home to hear and to see the spanking.

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The hand spanking may be non-punitive too. It's ideal for the relaxing slapping. Tenderness, amenity, intimacy and no need of something else makes an OTK hand spanking a desirable relax not only for spanko girls.

Wishing me a good luck

The last summer day. Just another tradition for parting wishes while a new year in university starts. How it will be this time? I'm not a girl anymore and I'm ready for anything may happen to me.

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When has it started? Granny has said few years ago almost every co-ed has get a farewell thrashing just befor the new academic year. It's a kind of motivation for the girl before she's leaving parents' home for studies.

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I've been ready to miss this opportunity (what a silly girl!). It hasn't been a real thrashing the first time just a regular strapping but I haven't been happy while I've granted the girl like me don't needs her bottom spanked.

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I've been caned next year. I've realized one week or whatnot later that's really good idea to get a thrashing before all possible offences are made. I've felt the sting for a couple of weeks and dark welts have been visible still for another couple of weeks as a reminder for me. It has been a very first time I've been thankful for my blisterred behind.

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The last summer day, August 31, Tuesday. I'm waiting for my friends to come. I hope they will put deep tramlines across my butts with best wishes for the last year of my studies.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tools for Spanking (2)

The Hand (4)

So when the hand spanking is good and pointful?

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I use the hand spanking as the first treatment for new girls and for girls after the long period without the spanking. I can examine this way the girl's flesh and her rotundity as well as condition of her skin on butts and legs. This lets me to select the proper tools for the later spankings.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tools for Spanking (2)

The Hand (3)

The hand spanking like a spanking with the belt is used as immediate disciplinary treatment for the misbehaving girl.

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The hand spanking can't be a real and complete punishment sure but as a symbol of the upcoming discipline session it is an ideal.

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An immediate spanker's action shows the girl the inevitability of her discipline while the hand spanking itself can't be strong enough for the punishment the girl has deserved.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tools for Spanking (2)

The Hand (2)

The main benefit of the spanking with the hand is the possibility of very intimate positioning of the girl over the spanker's knees (OTK).

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The intimacy of the OTK is most suitable for the immediate family.

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On the other hand such intimacy is most suitable for the first time spankers letting them to feel the girl's body under their hands. This position together with a delicate implement let the new spanker to experiment with hit's strength, direction of the stroke and much more shades of spanking treatment.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tools for Spanking (2)

The Hand (1)

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A hand - that's the magic implement. The connoisseurs can provide the complete spanking session painful and stinging enough to be not only intimate slapping but a disciplinary treatment too.

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That's about connoisseurs. They are using not only the direct hit with their palm over girls butt. The direction of the hit, sliding of the palm over the butt, position of the palm, tension of the gir's flesh together with the leading spanker's words are very important for receiving a desirable result.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation's over

So vacation is over. It's still hot. Anyone who applies or enjoys spanking may spend the rest of the summer to explore the ways other people perform spanking. It's a good time to explore some web resources and to learn new techniques or simply to have fun. I've found a Fetish Network with some inexpensive but good spanking content.

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There are much more spanking photos and videos on the Fetish Network but these sites I've enjoyed the most. Don't like web browsing? Return to regular scheduled spanking sessions, it's a good solution too.