Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Suspension of Punishment

Preposterous reality

I'm lucky wife and mother while both my husband and daughter understand the need of therapy spanking I get every week. My in-laws take this treatment as discipline and I can't change their mind though the problem is they live with us in one home. Father-in-law is my spanker already five years since my husband has got a new gainful job but spends a lot of time at duty journeys.

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My medicine is fourty belt strokes once a week. It realy works and it's enough for me to feel good. Father-in-law takes these fourty strokes as the basis a kind of maintenance spanking and then adds usually some more with a cane for my "offences". It’s no use arguing with him so I accept those additional ten or fifteen cane strokes.

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Weekly caning over the strapping results in constantly reddenned behind and appearance of some wounds and welts. His offer to use a cane instead of the belt has been appreciated by me.

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The caning is more painful sure but I get ten cane strokes instead of fourty hits with the belt what is a good deal I guess. My caning is more severe of course while father-in-law add some strokes for my "offences". The pain is severe but tolerable. The main problem has started three years ago after his decision to add ten strokes for staying me in thong during spanking. I don't what does he think about woman's monthly cycle but I simply can't get more than twenty five or thirty cane strokes a week - it's too much for me. So I am asking not for mercy but for delay of some part of my spanking. I've been sure him to forget this shortly since he's seventy eight. Worse luck!

The first time I have asked for spanking delay has been almost three years ago. The moment he is waiting for has come: my husband isn't present for one month and my daughter is away on a trip with the class for twelve days. I've seen my daughter off to the station and just have entered home when he offers me to take a suspended punishment. He has a special diary with all delayed spankings in it and he waits for my assent to take five hundred eighty five cane strokes. «You have promised me to take this spanking later. That "later" has come. I agree for some abatement let say twenty strokes two times a day.»

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Yes. I've promised. I have respect for my promise. My bottom has become one welt all-over to the fourth day as well as backside and frontside of my legs to the end of those twelve days. The only way to rest is to lie on my flank or to stand and what is more a week later I've got a regular fifty strokes. I expect another spanking the day after tomorrow. I've never agreed to kneel after my spanking by the way but I'm typing this post while standing on my knees.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Negative vs Positive (3)

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What is the positive in spanking? It ends and this is the first positive caused by it. The spanking comes to the end as faster as earlyer it's started so experienced girls prefer not to put it off. The redbottomed girl in the corner is the sign the spanking is over. Or it's almost over. There has to happen something special to get an additional spanking after the corner time.

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The girl lightens after the spanking no matter what the reason is of her thrashing: punishment, maintenance or therapy. She has not to wait in anticipation. The pain of spanking changes inner motives of the girl drastically and the unsolvable problem is changed by thye spanking into the matter of indifference to it suddenly.

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Another positive that takes place very often is excitment by nudity. The girl has to feel the shame while showing her privates to other people though some people or the spanker too show their interest to the girls nude body and involve the girl's excitment as the result. I've got a thrill out of showing my nude bottom to my cousin or my husband before our marriage. These aren't the only examples of men in front of them my nudity has been involving the excitement. This feeling is similiar to those when putting on a tight mini skirt or tiny dress.

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Another positive is a relief that comes few hours after the spanking especially after hard therapy ones. It's a kind of still and bliss. The girl that has experienced this feeling will never forget it.

I'm sure there are more positives caused by spanking. May be other girls will write down their experiences and thoughts too. I understand now why my mother has been getting ready for the spanking with a smile on her face.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Negative vs Positive (2)

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Four to five years are enough to make a regular punishment spanking not effective as I've mentioned in my previous post. It's because the negative part of the punishment decreases and the girl starts to take in the benefits of her spanking. This is the most possible reason my parents have stopped with my weekly discipline though the routine spanking has been unobjectionable for me at this time. I've been spanked no more than a dozen of times after I've passed into university up to my marriage seven years later. This post isn't about me anyway.

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The part of the shame in negative feelings becomes more ponderable with an age of the girl. It seems sometimes that the shame is no less important as the pain. The fact of the spanking becomes more public in the course of time. The girl feels the shame for getting spanked when she surmises her family gets to know about her discipline. She is afraid her kids may get to know later, then neighbours and friends and collegues. The fact is that her discipline becomes public in her environment in about two years. So no kids nor acquaintances are the reason of disgrace as it turns out later. The only thing that remains shameful is her nudity and the course of her spanking witnessed by people not involved in spanking process.

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Some spankers fuss about lack of negative feelings. I guess it's a natural process of positive result of every spanking getting closer to the course of spanking. This makes the girl to be not afraid of upcoming spanking or even urging the spanker to start with it.

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So the harder and the longer spanking is unjustified while the result is the same.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Negative vs Positive (1)

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I remember from my adolescence the fair before every spanking after I've got a bad grade or have done something inappropriate. A terrible sting and disgraceful kneeling in the corner together with the fair of getting spanked are those negative experinces that are discussed in previous posts.

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There is time to mention, thet all negative experiences work cause they are negative but the goal is some overall positive. A young girl doesn't feel this positive as a result of spanking. She takes some things getting better by itself not as the result of some outside factors.

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The girl's blinker makes her to feel exceptionally the negative experience. I've gone through this. I've got experienced at the same time my mother's nonchalance about her spanking and a pleased smile after it.

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Some tolerance to the spanking has helped me to surmount a fair and the pain hasn't been so sore as previously a year after the beginning of the regular spanking. I've been accustomed to the spanking fully another year later. The spanking has become routine so parents have been adding some new elements to it to make it beyond the pale. More shame and more painful spanking are effective for some monthes. It doesn't mean the spanking becomes a kind of pleasure. Any punishment remains the negative experience as previously maybe just not so terrible.

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The next thing that happens after the panic fair of spanking has gone is the gradual perception that the spanking helps me to try more in getting better grades and in growing up. My endeavour is very important still while the spanking is just a help. What follows? I've been one step from asking to spank me. I've asked to spank me just after I've graduated a school.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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I'm back. It's so nice to find someone waiting for me at home. It's nice someone has posted here though I've been sure it happen more frequent.

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Let talk about pantyless lifestyle first of all. The girl wearing no panties under her skirt or dress maybe is a kind of exciting. She maybe shows her readiness for the spanking. I'm npt sure about the reason. I don't think the girl has to be ready for her spanking at every moment while she has to get ready after her displinarian says her to get ready. It's a common practice and it's proven out. There is no difference what kind of spanking is comming. Pulling panties down only after her disciplinarian's order is the way to show her obedience while the girl without panties can't show she obeys the spanker's order. Eliza is right saying panties around girl's knees absorb the girl's attention and mmake feel her uncomfortable. I guess it's the reason to keep them around girl's knees. Just read what other girls say. The spanking is a negative experience. It's true. The spanking becomes less negative every spanking after spanking and additional measures keeping the spanking negative are necessary. It's because the spanking works while it's negative.

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Pantyless is more precarious than bottomless while bottomless is a strictly domestic or private outfit. Pantyless girl feels herself as a fully dressed one so she don't care about her confidence or she cares the same way as other girls. I'd like to ask the girls what they feel after they find they are flashing.