Monday, September 5, 2011

Unlocking the Fortune

An empty spanking from another point of view

An empty spanking is a common procedure helping to prevent a girl from misbehaving. It's used just before some key events in the girl's life. It may be tests, interviews, exams, meetings etc..

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This kind of spanking is provided without any preparation or after spanking activities so common for usual spanking procedures. So there are no discussion, corner time, penalties. Some women prefer to get this spanking with a cane over their dresses. The cane is probably the only implement that may be effectively applied this way.

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Experienced women take this spanking as a sort of talisman while it's associated with some happiness, fortune or success. I remember my mom asking for some cane strokes before the visit of daddy's parents. Visits of in-laws have been a kind of exam for her usually. Ten cane strokes under other circumstances is the part of a hard thrashing while when the same ten cane strokes a delivered during empty spanking they are taken as a ticket to success.

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It is possibly a superstition that empty spanking affects the fortune directly anyway this kind of the spanking is very tightly bound to a warranty that everything goes smoothly. I've been asking for the spanking before each visit to the doctor of mine or my daughters when they've been kids and I've been asking for some spanking before each business trip.

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Every stroke with the cane is burning hot so it makes the woman squeal in pain with any hit. Anyway experienced women and girls can take up to ten cane strokes without shedding a single tear. If the upcoming event is very important this pain is worth of it.

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I've been asking my brother-in-law for ten cane strokes before each date with my present husband when we have been still friends. I can't say safely this caning has been decisive but are successfully married now.

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Not only the cane is suitable for empty spanking. The belt and the strap are very effective too.

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The strap or the belt are probably the best solution when no experienced disciplinarian can give this kind of farewell spanking. I prefer some softer implement when asking for beating my behind by novices.

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It has been last year in the school when the empty spanking has been applied for the first time to me. It could be the caning or the strapping depending on the importance of the upcoming test or exam.

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I've been getting a regular thrashing the same day in case of the unsatisfactory result of my test or exam.

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The empty spanking may be even softer. The slapping over the lap or belting in the morning are suitable when applied very often. I'm sure it has to be stinging and burning anyway.

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University exams are something special and exceptional while I've been caned before each of them and after if the grade hasn't been the higher one. It has been very painful but it has helped me to graduate the university magna cum laude.

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I think before putting my clothes on maybe I need some spanking for fortune every time my panties are still off.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A wishlist

Just a wishlist of books I'd like to have

Spanking for Dummies

Discipline Spanking Reference Book

Everything you always wanted to know about spanking but were afraid to ask

Spanking at Home Pocket Guide

Discipline management Reference Book

Handbook of Advanced Spanking Techniques

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Regular Spanking (4)

The Family

So as a single young woman I've moved to my elder sister's family home in the year 1967. I'm not an intruder. Both my sis and her husband have invited me. My sis is almost ten years elder so her kids (Witol, Eliza and Ruth) have been 10, 8 and 7 already when I've moved to them. I've been sure to stay at sis home for month or two. The life has corrected my plans and I've staid for eight years.

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And what about spanking. My sis has been spanked by her husband on every Saturday. It wasn't a secret for kids but she was spanked in a bathroom or in the bedroom behind the closed door. Witol confessed me he had seen his mom kneeling in the corner after the thrashing few times.

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I was much younger and my sis was treating me not as the sister rather than a grown up daughter though I was 23. It's a common thing to stay barebottomed in the dining-room or in the kitchen at parent's home no matter how old I am and a great difference to get in the similiar situation when sister's kids observe me waiting for the discipline, getting the spanking and kneeling in the corner. Kids were slapped by mom or dad sometimes but those slaps are in no comparision to the thrashing I was getting and the ritual of the domestic discipline I had to undergo.

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I haven't spanked the last two years of my studies and at sis home my discipline and frequent spanking have started immediately. The rules were slightly different than at parents' home. I had to report my every offence the same day and it was likely to be punished not waiting for the Saturday night. I was used to decide myself what spanking was needed when spanked by mom while there some rigorous rules were set without asking my opinion. I was spanked almost daily the first month but I was a smart girl and I learned to obey the rules very quickly.

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And again. Why spanking? I was safe. The spanking makes me feel safe. Someone takes responsibility for my mistakes. I get the spanking and I'm done. Forever. What else? It's a perfect way of correction. Almost everyone wants to make some corrections in their life and I've got the way to do this. It's really helpfull. What about pain? It hurts and stings. The pain is sometimes terrible making me squeal and shout "I'll be good! I promise! It was the very last time!" etc. My tears just prove that the way of correction is right, it makes me put all efforts to change myself. Was I the only young woman in need of spanking? Rather no while I've met some woman that confessed me they prefer to get spanked instead of twits. They were sure the spanking does better than any twit at home or fine at work.

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What about the shame? Just the first time is shamefull while further it becomes a rule. The shame works along with the spanking when that first time isn't in the past yet. I was afraid my friends to get to know about my spanking and I could discuss with them my discipline after some of them had caught me in the action of my thrashing at home. I was afraid my boss to get to know but I got on the right side of him after he had got to know me being disciplined. I was afraid Witol and his sisters to be involved in my spanking but after the first time Witol had spanked me it had become a rule. I rather thank my stars for all those opportunities and novelties.

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I've met my man when I was thirty and I'd left my sister's home a year later. I was an example for Witol and his sisters that the frequent spanking makes a woman feel good. I think it's a great tool when used the right way. It helps to solve numerous problems in the life both of women and men both getting and delivering the spanking.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Regular Spanking (3)


I think about myself spanked frequently and asking my parents to spank me while begging for mercy in the act of every thrashing. It may seem a nonsense or some perversion for the girl to ask for punishment. It's real anyway. It's real for me and for other girls treated the same way. Much more girls needed this but they didn't get it because of the sloth of their parents and educators. I've met young and elder women understanding their guilt and waiting for the payment at the back of their mind. A couple of sittings is enough to make it clear. If their guilt would paid on regular basis they never meet such psychologic problems. I've noted previously that's hard to imagine an adult women getting a regular spanking when it isn't a follow-up of hte similiar treatment from the past.

How and why it works? I guess one of the key moments in regular spanking is the discussion. The girl understands the purport and the sense of every hit. All reasons and all hits are registered so both the spanker and the girl can see the progress. And there comes a perception. The girl understands that every hit leads to the goal. No matter what that goal is. Some goals may seem unrealizable at the beginning but positive results some time later prove the opposite. It's a milestone for every girl undergoing the regular spanking: "I know - the spanking works!" The same girl that was avoiding her punishment a month ago is asking to spank her harder and it's just a question of time this to happen.

My mom used a calendar to mark the days me getting the spanking. It was before the regular treatment. The next step was a diary. She was filling it every time writing down the count of hits and all reasons. I was filling my diary myself a year later. I remember this time as a continuous nightmare. A lot of things I had to get the thrashing for, I had to write down all my offences and mistakes and as the result no less than fourty belt hits every time. I can't remember the moment I've changed my attitude towards spankig while I remeber the time when I was considering planned fifty hits not enough. I said to mom that I could take more.

So the first thing was understanding that the spanking that didn't make me feel unconfortably didn't work properly. It might be ten hits or it might be fourty hits but if such spanking didn't make me squel it wasn't a final for this goal. There was a lure to solve everything at once while the moderate spanking was leading to the achievment of the same goal by degrees. All young people are maximalists, they want everything at once. I wasn't an exception. Another thing was a pride to take more spanking than ever before.

When I was sure the spanking was good and I needed it everything stopped. I've graduated the school and entered an university. I left the parents' home and no more weekly spankings were in my life. The moment of leaving parents' home is a key in the life of almost all girls especially those spanked on regular basis. I felt a relief and a freedom for the first few monthes while I felt a desperate need of the spanking later. I wasn't ready to ask someone outside of my family to spank me so I used every visit to my parents to get what I'd missed. That was during the first year only. I didn't felt the need of spanking during the second and further years of studies.

My studies were over and I'd got the job in the same town as my sis so I'd to make a decision live with her family and renew the weekly spanking (cause my sis was spanked every week) or continue my life without a regular spanking. I'd chosen the first way. I'm not sure why. Most girls in similiar situations are choosing the life without spanking.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Regular Spanking (2)

A personal experience


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What makes me to agree to get a regular spanking? I guess it's an example. There are other reasons too but example of my elder sis (Witol's and Eliza's mother) and mom is determinant. They have been spanked on every Saturday. I remember some other girls and women from my environment getting the spanking and it has been a very hard thrashing sometimes. Those girls that have been spanked on a regular basis have been asking for it. It's not a rule sure but it happens very often.

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There are two parts in the regular spanking I've witnessed - the routine and the punishment. The routine part is almost clear. It's some amount of hits with a belt. I notice my sis and mom smiling sometimes when the spanking is only routine. How can they smile when getting the spanking? They are asking for more additionally when they think they are naughty. I couldn't understand this.

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What about me? The regular spanking has started as the exclusively disciplinary treatment. I'm fourteen and I'm spanked very often. The rigorous discipline results in getting me over mom's or daddy's lap almost every day. I'm getting the belt once or twice a week. A day without spanking is something exceptional.

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It's my fourteenth birthday and mom says I'm a woman already. I know this. I have to make a decision, she says. Big girls are spanked once a week instead of getting their behind blistered almost daily. Are you a big girl, are you ready for weekly spanking? Sure, I am. It's better by far to forget all those daily slaps and smacks. I'm curious anyway. I have to ask to spank me. I'm big and I can do this in any case.

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I can't say it's a pleasure to get my bottom thrashed or discuss with my parents what treatment I deserve for low grades or lack of attitude. It's my choice anyway. I know I'll get my behind blistered and there is no escape. I have to go out of my way to get just the routine part of my spanking. This part is a trifle in comparison to the punishment I get usually. Ten belt strokes as the regular part are followed by the disciplinary part which isn't less than fourty hits.

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I've realized suddenly that the punishment depends on me. It's not so hard to change myself and to get no punishment. When I do something wrong I ask for punishment otherwise I go to seed and much more harder discipline is necessary. Ten hits with the belt is a proof I've been an examplarly girl and I can't stop smiling when asking to give me those ten strokes.