Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday in the office

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Office Friday afternoon somewhere in East Europe. Can there be a better time to contemplate the results of the past week and prepare herself for the bonus?

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The understanding boss will warm girl's bottom up with a soft leather paddle.

Found on Spanked office girls

The cane is applied only over warm and rosy behind. It stings a lot and I can't sometimes to do nothing with my yealps and squels. But it's fair to get what I've deserved.

Found on Girls Boarding SchoolFound on Spanked office girls

That's all. Just few minutes in the corner of the boss's office (hopefully no one will pay a visit to my boss this late Friday afternoon) and I am free.

Who else can boast of working at such strict but wonderful boss?


  1. This is a dificult issue but my secretary is a neighbours daughter and they take the view that if she makes mistakes ,she should be caned!
    A note is taken of all matters requiring disciplinary action and they are dealt with every other Friday afternoon. Once she has been iterviewed ,punishment is adminstered straight away!
    She removes the usual garments and bends over the desk for her bare bottom to be caned-up to 10 strokes! Some times she is spanked first, to warm her buttocks and this is desirable, if time permits! Her parents are fully informed. Ben

  2. I love this blog bet some one need a disiplined posting secdual.

  3. I have always believed that a naughty office woman, be she a secretary, stenographer, typist, or female executive, if she errs in her working habits, she should be corporally punished. Depending on the extent of her errors, a hand, paddle, hairbrush, birchrod, cane, or whip she be used, on her naked rear end, with vim and vigor.