Saturday, May 21, 2011

Regular Spanking (2)

A personal experience


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What makes me to agree to get a regular spanking? I guess it's an example. There are other reasons too but example of my elder sis (Witol's and Eliza's mother) and mom is determinant. They have been spanked on every Saturday. I remember some other girls and women from my environment getting the spanking and it has been a very hard thrashing sometimes. Those girls that have been spanked on a regular basis have been asking for it. It's not a rule sure but it happens very often.

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There are two parts in the regular spanking I've witnessed - the routine and the punishment. The routine part is almost clear. It's some amount of hits with a belt. I notice my sis and mom smiling sometimes when the spanking is only routine. How can they smile when getting the spanking? They are asking for more additionally when they think they are naughty. I couldn't understand this.

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What about me? The regular spanking has started as the exclusively disciplinary treatment. I'm fourteen and I'm spanked very often. The rigorous discipline results in getting me over mom's or daddy's lap almost every day. I'm getting the belt once or twice a week. A day without spanking is something exceptional.

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It's my fourteenth birthday and mom says I'm a woman already. I know this. I have to make a decision, she says. Big girls are spanked once a week instead of getting their behind blistered almost daily. Are you a big girl, are you ready for weekly spanking? Sure, I am. It's better by far to forget all those daily slaps and smacks. I'm curious anyway. I have to ask to spank me. I'm big and I can do this in any case.

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I can't say it's a pleasure to get my bottom thrashed or discuss with my parents what treatment I deserve for low grades or lack of attitude. It's my choice anyway. I know I'll get my behind blistered and there is no escape. I have to go out of my way to get just the routine part of my spanking. This part is a trifle in comparison to the punishment I get usually. Ten belt strokes as the regular part are followed by the disciplinary part which isn't less than fourty hits.

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I've realized suddenly that the punishment depends on me. It's not so hard to change myself and to get no punishment. When I do something wrong I ask for punishment otherwise I go to seed and much more harder discipline is necessary. Ten hits with the belt is a proof I've been an examplarly girl and I can't stop smiling when asking to give me those ten strokes.

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