Friday, October 29, 2010

Spanking Positions - Legs-up

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The girl raises her legs up while lying on the back. Such a simple move brings into this special position.

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The girl in this position presents for spanking lower third of her butts and upper part of her thighs with a clear visible vagina in the middle of this continuous spanking area. The skin is tensioned more than at usual bent-over positions so the spanker needs less force for stinging result. Visually soft strapping results in moderate pain while the use of the light cane brings almost any girl to tears.

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This position isn't comfortable for the girl especially during harder punishment spanking. When two girls are spanked simultaneously one girl may help keep legs up of other girl and after simply change places.

Found on Spanking Server

The assistance for this kind of spanking is desirable. The assistant may not only keep the girl in the desired position but also change it slightly when needed. Straightening the legs results in tighter skin and eventually in more sting. Spreading the legs just a little opens the area around the vagina.

Found on Spanking Server

Almost all girls even those experienced in spanking when put in this position are shocked after the fist hit. They realise that their fanny is exposed in full and can't be covered, they feel the sting that is never felt before.

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