Monday, October 18, 2010

Maintenance spanking

Another way to discipline

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When the disciplinarian makes a decision the punishment works well just for once there is no way back and the girl has to be punished for any and every offence as designated in the disciplinary agreement.

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The basic way to dicipline the girl is her punishment at the very instant of her misbehaviour or what's almost the same the spanking delivered the same day. Another way is accumulative punishment one day a week (or two times a week sometimes). Accumulative punishment helps the girl to get more resposible not only for her behaviour but for marking her offences in her diary for subsequent payment. Accumulative punishment has another very significant advantage: both the disciplinarian and the girl can follow variation of the spanking intension while the equal time intervals of every spanking makes them comparable.

I have noticed a repeated variations of spanking intense almost for all girls that have been punished once a week. Such variation is explicable very simply. The girl pulls her manner up after one or two more violent spankings. The result is her good behaviour and almost no need of punishment as expected. The girl works laid-back later and makes some offences resulting in some harsh punisment again.

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So what is the solution? I guess and most disciplinarians will agree probably that the best solution is the maintenanance spanking. For a start one has to include a fixed part of spanking into the weekly accumulative punishment. I suggest to deliver this part at the beginning of the punishment followed by the spanking for any other offence. The strength of the maintenance spanking is selected so that it's one third of whole spanking on the average. E.g. when the girl is spanked with the belt and she gets 30 up to 100 strokes usually, the fixed maintenance part is 40 hits. Such strapping is hard but it still lets the disciplianrian to deliver another 100 strokes when needed. On the other hand when no additional punishment is needed the girl gets the spanking helping her not to loosen.

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It's very important to select the maintenance spanking properly for every girl.

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I try to make the maintenance part of punishment slightly different than another portion of spanking usually. There is the special cane or the special strap exclusively for maintenance spanking. I want the girl to feel the difference of maintenance and punitive spanking while the goal of the fisxed part of discipline is to make regular spankings exclusively maintenance ones. The girl's manners become far better than previously in four to six monthes usually after the fixed part of discipline has been added. Such mend of girl's behaviour lets to review the discipline agreement and give the girl more swing.

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The maintenance spanking softens in the course of time. The stinging cane is changed to the softer strap or belt and the count of hits is reduced significantly. The girl understands and accepts the necessity of maintenance spanking usually especially when it's not too hard.


  1. Maintenance spanking is imho only for adults.

    Usually a good idea to avoid very serious spankings when too much time goes by frome one spanking to next one.
    A weekly check is a good advice.

  2. Imho caring parents of adult daughters should use maintenance spankings on a weekly basis.
    Adul youg women should well know they aren't perfect and being corrected on a regular basis is in their best interest.
    Even a simple (and long) handspanking on their bare bottom by their fathers' firm is precious in building resonsibility and common sense so lacking in most youg women.
    Together with the corporal punishment, parents could complete the disciplinary moment kneeling in a corner to help the right attitude, naked from the waist down to make 'em realize they have no defense for their bratty bottom, standing corner time at the end to learn some self discipline while showing to mom and other sisters what happens when you don't behave as you should.
    Finally hugs and kisses to welcome back the beloved brat!

  3. No adult daughter (eg. over 26 yo) on the receiving side of old fashioned parents?
    If Real Life in 2012, pls write as a spanked daughter or even as a strict parent, thanks.