Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tools for Spanking (1)


Have you noticed the girl misbehaving you may act immediately if you have a belt. This may be not a symbolic slap but really painful thrashing resulting in longlasting results. Almost every man has the belt near at hand as well as anyone may find the belt at almost every home.

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The belt is an old hat for most spankos. It has been used probably by their mom or dad years ago. There is nothing exciting in the spanking with the belt. This tool isn't suitable for intimate slapping over the spanker's knees. On the other hand the belt isn't the killing implement as the cane is. The belting is much louder as the caning but the sound isn't so sonorous as paddling or even slippering. That's all outs of the belt.

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The advantages. All demerits of the belt are used by me as it's merits. The tired belting is indispensable for newbies in spanking. I show that the spanking isn't the game, it hurts and sometimes the pain remains for few days. On the other hand any new girl can take the pain of the belting in full while this pain doesn't exceed her pain threshold.

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I recommend the use of the belt for experienced spankos too after the long non-spanking period. The belt 1"-1⅜" wide is suitable almost for all purposes.

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The posssibility to fold the belt one or more times is it's exceptional property. The same tool may be used as light and as heavy spanking implement during the same treatment.

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The result of the spanking may be just rosy butts or dark patterned behind depending on folding of the belt and on the strength of the hits.

Found on Girls Boarding School

The belt is versatile spanking tool in my opinion. I use it for all therapies and for maintenance spanking, for regular and accumulative punishment, for empty discipline and sometimes for training.

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The main benefit of the belting is the fugitive result. The belt enables me to spank the girl to tears daily or the every other day. It's impossible using the cane or other heavier implements like the strap or the paddle.