Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Panties: on, down or off

Found on Spanked office girls

The most girls prefer to stay in panties during spanking. Panties are a kind of fig-leaf covering their fanny. Inexperienced girls stay in their panties usually after they are told to get into position. Most of them are sure that removing upper clothes is more than enough for spanking. The pain of spanking over panties and on bare actually is almost the same.

Found on Young wife

I have to agree that spanking itself on bare or over panties is shameful. Anyway the girl with her panties around her knees is more sheepish than when her panties are left in place. I think the shame isn't less important thant the pain no matter what kind of spanking is applied. I also think it's very good for spanker to see what he is spanking. It's for girl's own good too.

Found on Family Spanking

I ask the girl to pull her panties down to the knees usually for discussion of forthcoming spanking so she could see them during our talk. The shame is forgotten when panties are left on or removed completelly usually.

Found on Family Spanking

I ask the girl to pull her panties up a little for the spanking what lets me not to exceed the acceptable spanking area. Panties pulled down are working the same way as during the discussion before spanking helping the girl to feel the continous shame every time sh's noticing her panties.

Found on SIT Spanking

Some spankers start the spanking with girl's panties left on and pull them down after few strokes. I guess this is a dishonesty while the girl has been allowed to stay in panties and they are removed when she simply can't resist and demur.


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  2. The perfect words to a naughty lady before spanking her, is "Knickers Down". Yes, it maybe shameful to her, to here these words. But a delightful pleasure for me to say.